General Office of CPC Central Committee, General Office of State Council Issued Opinions: Promote Urbanization with County Towns as Important Carrier
2022-05-07 16:52

Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting Urbanization with County as an Important Carrier. The opinion pointed out that it is necessary to conform to the changing trend of population mobility in county towns, based on the carrying capacity of resources and environment, location conditions, industrial base and functional orientation, and select a number of county towns with good conditions as the key development of demonstration areas to prevent the blind construction of county towns with population loss.


The opinion pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and guide and support various market entities to participate in the construction of county towns; Give full play to the role of the government, and earnestly perform its duties in formulating planning policies, providing public services, and creating an institutional environment. Take the county as the basic unit to promote the integration of urban and rural development, give full play to the role of county towns in connecting cities and serving villages, enhance the radiation driving ability to villages, promote the extension and coverage of county infrastructure and public services to villages, and strengthen the connection and cooperation between county towns and neighboring cities. Overall development and security, strictly implement cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, ecological protection red line, urban development boundary, keep historical and cultural roots, prevent large-scale demolition and construction, greed for foreign countries, strictly control the withdrawal of counties to build cities and districts, prevent and control disasters and accidents, and prevent local government debt risks.


The opinion emphasizes that, By 2025, Important progress has been made in urbanization with county towns as important carriers, Short-board weaknesses in county towns are further filled and reinforced, Significant achievements have been made in the construction of a number of county towns with good location advantages and industrial base, strong carrying capacity of resources and environment, and good economic conditions for gathering population. The allocation of public resources basically matches the size of the resident population, the industries with distinctive advantages have developed and expanded, the municipal facilities are basically complete, the public services have been comprehensively improved, the living environment has been effectively improved, the comprehensive carrying capacity has been significantly enhanced, the scale of farmers' employment and settlement in county towns has been continuously expanded, and the quality of life of county residents has been significantly improved. Modern county towns with different characteristics, vitality, livability and industry have been basically built nationwide, and the development gap with neighboring large and medium-sized cities has been significantly narrowed, which has further demonstrated the role of promoting the improvement of urban system and supporting the integration of urban and rural development.