Dalian's Precise Policy Accelerates Modernization of Grassroots Social Governance
2022-05-18 17:59

Since the beginning of this year, Dalian has made unprecedented efforts to strengthen and innovate grass-roots social governance; Following the city's grass-roots social governance work conference attended by more than 2,000 people in February, Recently, the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Modernization of Grass-roots Social Governance in Dalian" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was issued again, and the key tasks of "Ten Promotion" and 143 practical measures were clearly implemented, so as to truly make the grass-roots "have people, money, power and something to do" and effectively improve the modernization level of grass-roots social governance system and governance capacity.


Dalian Municipal Committee pointed out that there can be no high-quality development without high-efficiency grass-roots social governance. Strengthening and innovating grass-roots social governance is an important guarantee for speeding up the construction of Dalian's "two pioneering areas" in the new era, advancing into a "trillion GDP city" in three years, and being a good "high jump team" for Liaoning's comprehensive revitalization. For this reason, Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government put strengthening and innovating grass-roots social governance in a more prominent position. The "Plan" issued after in-depth investigation and brainstorming is the "construction drawing" used to guide the whole city to speed up the modernization of grass-roots social governance, and it is also a solemn commitment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to meet the people's yearning for a better life.


The key tasks of "ten promotion" proposed in the Plan, Including promoting the organizational strength of grass-roots party organizations, reducing burdens, empowering and increasing efficiency, reconstructing grid systems, resolving social contradictions and risks, and promoting the construction of public safety systems. Specific measures, lead units and completion time limits are specified for each key task. Accelerate the innovation of grass-roots social governance models, the reshaping of governance methods and the reconstruction of governance systems. Efforts will be made to build a grass-roots social governance system with unified leadership of party organizations, government responsibilities according to law, active coordination of various organizations, extensive participation of the masses, autonomy, rule of law and rule of virtue, and strive to find a new way of grass-roots social governance with Dalian characteristics, respect for governance laws and meet the development needs of the new era, new situation and new tasks.


Among them, in order to strengthen the Party's leadership over grass-roots social governance and promote the organizational strength of grass-roots party organizations, Dalian has decided to establish and improve the unified command and coordination mechanism of townships (streets), improve the working mechanism of "big working committees" and "big party committees", and strengthen the construction of grid party organizations. Let the heads of party organizations of some service-oriented enterprises and institutions in the community work as part-time deputy secretaries or members in the "big working committees" and "big party committees", so as to realize resource sharing and work interaction, and make overall plans to solve the people's livelihood needs of grassroots people such as community parking, garbage sorting and after-school trusteeship.


In terms of promoting burden reduction, empowerment and efficiency improvement, and improving the governance capacity of urban and rural communities, it is determined to take measures such as adjusting and optimizing the scale of urban communities, improving the access system for villages (communities) to undertake work matters, and deepening the working mode of "all posts" in communities. In principle, the adjusted community size is about 3,000 households, and it is estimated that the number of urban communities in the city will increase by about 100. List management should be carried out for the work items undertaken by village (community) workers, and "no" can be said outside the list, and all efforts should be devoted to serving the masses.


In promoting the risk resolution of social contradictions and maintaining social harmony and stability, Dalian has decided to take measures such as improving the ability to resolve the source of contradictions and disputes at the grass-roots level, establishing a closed-loop mechanism for mediation and resolution of contradictions and disputes, and improving the joint conference system of letters and visits at the grass-roots level. Township (street) people's mediation committees are required to be equipped with more than 2 full-time people's mediators, and villages (communities) are conditionally equipped with more than 1 full-time people's mediators.


In promoting the orderly operation of the guarantee mechanism and ensuring the long-term and regular governance of grass-roots social governance, Dalian has decided to take measures such as fully matching community workers, strengthening the backbone of network work, and implementing the remuneration package of grass-roots personnel. Shift the focus of work to the grass-roots level, and sink the "powers" of comprehensive management, overall coordination and emergency response to the grass-roots level in the form of system. Through the adjustment at the city and county levels, the whole city took out 1,500 establishments to add and match people to towns (streets). According to the standard of one person for every 200 households, more than 5,000 community workers will be added in the city. At the city and county levels, the budget will be increased by 300 million yuan to the grass-roots level, so that the grass-roots level can "have people to do things, have money to do good things, have things to do practical things, and have the right to solve things".


Seek practical results through hard work. At present, the whole city of Dalian has taken active actions to move towards the work objectives set in the Plan: a system will be formed before the end of June this year, and the people of the whole city will be able to see, feel and feel the achievements of grassroots social governance before the end of December. By 2025, we will basically realize the modernization of grass-roots social governance system and governance capacity, build a number of leading demonstration brands in the whole province, and create a new realm of building a safe Dalian.