The First Opening Zone of Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone is to Start
2022-05-17 17:45

Recently, the construction of the first opening area of Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone will take the lead, which is an important landmark and leading project of Taiping Bay's high starting point planning and high standard construction. Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone plans the internal spatial structure of the city, comprehensively promotes the coordinated development of "one district and multiple parks" around advantageous industries, accelerates the creation of a new industrial city suitable for industry and residence, and strives to become a new model and model of "integration of production and city".


According to the plan, the development and construction land area in the starting area of Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone is about 9.5 square kilometers, including 5.75 square kilometers in the industrial starting area and 3.75 square kilometers in the living starting area. Taiping Bay will start the construction of the first industrial development zone and the first living development zone of 1 square kilometer each in the near future.


The first living area is located in the south of Shugang Road, Taiping Bay, with a land area of about 1 square kilometer, a planned population of 15,000 and a total construction volume of about 900,000 square meters. According to the image belt of Shugang Road Corporate Headquarters, the landscape axis of green ecological corridor and the living supporting service group, the spatial pattern of "one belt, one axis and one group" will be formed, focusing on building the public service center at the southern end of the first opening area, the community life center and commercial vitality center of supporting service group, and the wetland park and forest farm park on both sides of the green ecological corridor. It is planned to build one-stop supporting facilities such as enterprise residence, residence, hotel, business, hospital, primary and secondary schools, kindergarten and community service, cultural activities, fitness and leisure, catering and entertainment, and convenient business to meet the living needs of the residential and industrial population.


The first industrial development zone is located on the north side of Shugang Road, with a land area of about 1 square kilometer and a total construction capacity of about 700,000 square meters. Combined with the overall industrial orientation of Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone, driven by advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, we will focus on the development of four major industrial directions: "big equipment, big logistics, big data and big health", mainly focusing on industries such as ship and high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, data and information services, life and health, and cultural tourism.