Dalian Normalized Nucleic Acid Detection Sampling Points Fully Opened since May 17
2022-05-17 17:45

On the afternoon of May 16th, the press office of the municipal government held a press conference. Qu Gang, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Wellness Committee, reported the normalization of nucleic acid detection in epidemic prevention and control in Dalian. Ju Zhenwei, director of the Municipal Education Bureau, reported the resumption of offline teaching in all grades of primary and secondary schools and other related matters. Tang Yi, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, reported the management and control of personnel coming (returning) from outside the country.


Assign "grey code" to those who have not carried out nucleic acid detection after an interval of more than 7 days. The "e Dalian" App will pop up the window on the 5th day after each sampling to remind them that the next sampling and detection time should be taken. After sampling, the "grey code" will restore the "green code" in time.


At present, there are more than 2,300 fixed points and some mobile points in the whole city, and all sampling points for nucleic acid detection are announced in time through various forms such as "e Dalian" App, which can be inquired online.


Normalized nucleic acid detection is concentrated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, in which male citizens are sampled on Tuesdays, female citizens are sampled on Thursdays and Saturdays. Normalized nucleic acid detection is carried out once a week for each person, and key populations are still carried out according to the original management channels and modes.


According to the principle that the prevention and control of campus epidemic situation is stricter than that of society, the defense line of campus epidemic situation should be built strictly and carefully. Strict implementation of nucleic acid detection, continuous investigation and health monitoring, implementation of closed-loop management, implementation of "people, environment and things" prevention, and comprehensive strengthening of epidemic prevention and control in off-campus training institutions.


For those who come (return) from outside the country, strictly implement the system of independent filing in advance, strictly implement the policy of nucleic acid detection in the company, strictly implement the "four-party responsibility" to do a good job of inspection, and strictly implement the current management and control policies of Dalian.