Dalian Introduced Three Local Standards for Urban Landscaping
2022-05-12 14:27

Recently, with the support and guidance of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, Three local standards of our city, such as Technical Regulations for Pruning Garden Plants, Technical Regulations for Protection of Garden Plants and Technical Regulations for Introduction and Screening of Garden Plants, compiled by the Municipal Public Utilities Service Center, were officially released and implemented, filling the gap of lack of local standards in Dalian's urban landscaping industry. This measure not only provides support and basis for urban landscaping technology, but also makes urban landscaping work more standardized, standardized and refined, and provides technical reference for the general public in pruning family flowers and seedlings, plant conservation and pesticide application, etc.


On May 9, the staff of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau came to Dalian Botanical Garden to investigate the implementation of the three local standards for landscaping introduced for the first time in our city. The staff pruned the trees that blossomed in spring after flowering. Remove the sprouting of shrubs; Inspect the hedge of boxwood, capture the pest samples of boxwood silk borer, record the harm and quantity of pests, and apply drugs symptomatically; The new garden plants such as Photinia and Begonia were observed in phenological period and recorded in technical indexes.


The staff of the Landscaping Department of the Municipal Center said: "These trees are trees with strong germination power. According to the requirements of the Technical Regulations for Pruning Garden Plants, after we bloom in spring, we remove these buds, that is, sprouting and new branches, and distribute them through reasonable pruning. Nutrition in the body, promote flower bud differentiation, form more flower branches, and lay the foundation for flowering in the coming year."


The three standards respectively standardize the pruning work of garden plants in our city and unify the standards of pruning technology of garden plants; It stipulates the monitoring and forecasting of pests, diagnosis and control methods of pests and diseases, etc. Guide the screening of plants suitable for local terrestrial cultivation in our city, provide quantitative basis for the introduction and screening of garden plants in our city, and enrich and optimize the species of garden landscape plants.


The formulation of the three standards has improved the technical level of landscaping in our city, and will play an important role in serving citizens' lives, beautifying the city's appearance and improving the city's ecology. The staff of the Landscaping Management Office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau said: "Dalian standards formulated according to the phenological characteristics of this city make the landscaping work more evidence-based and more operational. For example, when the pattern is trimmed, Southern cities need pruning all the year round, but Dalian belongs to the northern city and has a maritime climate. After the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the temperature will drop sharply, so it is not suitable for pruning the mold pattern, because every time the mold pattern is newly pruned, it will stimulate the growth of the mold pattern, and the newly sprouted buds are tender, which will cause freezing damage when encountering cooling. "


It is understood that since 2019, The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, together with the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau and other competent departments of various industries, encouraged enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutions and colleges in Dalian to formulate and issue 52 local standards in Dalian one after another. Involving modern agriculture, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, modern agriculture and other fields, it has transformed advanced scientific and technological achievements into real productivity and played a positive role in boosting the high-quality development of our city. In the next step, various local standards will be promulgated one after another, contributing wisdom and strength to accelerate the construction of Dalian's "two pioneering areas" and "three centers" and strive to achieve the goal of advancing into a "trillion GDP city" in three years.