Dalian Agricultural Development Bank's 3.4 billion Loans Support "Agriculture, Rural Areas, Farmers"
2022-05-10 12:57

Recently, Dalian Branch of Agricultural Development Bank put in a loan of 5.84 million yuan to provide liquidity support for epidemic prevention and control materials and nucleic acid detection in novel coronavirus pneumonia. Since the beginning of this year, the Bank has given full play to the functions of "being the forerunner, complementing the shortcomings and going against the cycle" of agricultural policy banks, actively shouldered the heavy responsibility of supporting the rural revitalization strategy, and continuously increased its support for key areas, weak links, agriculture-related enterprises and industries and enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control in novel coronavirus pneumonia. By the end of April, the bank had invested a total of 3.415 billion yuan in various loans this year, and the loan balance exceeded 20 billion yuan, reaching 22.6 billion yuan, an increase of 2.9 billion yuan or 15% over the beginning of the year.


As early as the end of last year, Dalian Branch of Agricultural Development Bank took the lead and held a special seminar to study and arrange the work of closing at the end of the year and "getting off to a good start", study and formulate the project list in advance, and actively promote the project reserve. Since the beginning of this year, focusing on the key projects of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Bank has taken the opportunity of signing cooperation agreements between provincial branches and Changhai County Government, and municipal branches and guarantee companies to carry out "big visits" in a normal way, deepen the "four-in-one" mechanism of financing, intelligence integration, business integration and emotion integration, and make great efforts to promote support for key projects. Members of the Party Committee take the lead in setting an example, carry out "one-on-one" exchanges with relevant local government departments, key enterprises and interbank banks by means of "going down" and "inviting up", deepen cooperation between government, banks and enterprises, grasp the financing needs of key projects, publicize the credit policy of the Agricultural Development Bank, and discuss and seek common plans to promote the high-quality development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers under the new situation. Under the guidance of provincial branches, the banks at the city and county levels insist on putting compliance first and risk control first, effectively linking up and down, cooperating with the front, middle and back offices, intervening in services in advance, collecting data, moderately pre-examining, and providing strong support from other departments to jointly promote "diligent scheduling" to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of loan handling.


Dalian Branch of Agricultural Development Bank made overall plans to support epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and polished the golden signboard of agricultural policy finance. First, serve food security. People take food as their heaven and food as their source. We fully implemented the national macro-control policy, actively supported policy-based purchasing and storage and market-oriented acquisition, and accumulated loans of 1.105 billion yuan since the beginning of this year to support the "transportation of grain from the north to the south", which is conducive to promoting the domestic circulation of grain and ensuring food security. The second is to improve people's livelihood and well-being. Actively promote the integration of urban and rural development, accelerate the upgrading of traditional infrastructure, support six short-board projects for people's livelihood, such as water conservancy infrastructure, and put in loans of 2.04 billion yuan to meet the practical needs of rural residents for a high-quality and better life. Third, write good industrial articles. Focus on the shortcomings in the process of agricultural modernization, support the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, and actively develop Inclusive Financing, with a total loan of 101 million yuan. Fourth, support green development. Conscientiously implement the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and support four green credit projects, such as garbage collection and transportation, incineration power generation and environmental remediation, based on clean energy and ecological environment, with accumulated loans of 169 million yuan to create a livable ecological environment and promote the green transformation of economic and social development.