Xi Replied to British Primary School Students on Climate Change
2022-04-22 10:10

Recently, President Xi wrote a letter to the pupils of Frances Holland School in Britain on climate change.


Xi pointed out that the earth is a big family and mankind is a community. Climate change is a common challenge faced by all mankind, and mankind should cooperate to deal with it.


Xi emphasized that the Chinese nation has respected and loved nature since ancient times. I attach great importance to climate change, and have always emphasized that "green mountains and green hills are treasure", which is deeply rooted in people's hearts in China today. We ask the whole society to protect the natural and ecological environment like eyes, actively promote green development and build a beautiful China. China is carrying out unprecedented actions to deal with climate change, which has achieved remarkable results and will continue to achieve greater results.


Xi said that schools at all levels in China attach great importance to ecological civilization education, and Chinese primary school students start from little things, develop good habits of energy conservation and environmental protection, and learn green and low-carbon lifestyles. Welcome to China and visit the world's largest wind and solar power stations, the largest plantations and beautiful national parks. You are welcome to communicate with Chinese primary school students, so that the concept of green development can take root in your hearts and become active builders of a beautiful home for mankind when you grow up.


Francis Holland School is an international girls' school located in London, which actively conducts foreign exchanges and encourages students to pay attention to environmental protection and climate change issues. A few days ago, the fourth-grade students of the school collectively sent a letter to Xi to express their concern about climate change.