Shounong Fruit Post-ripening Center put into production in Dalian Free Trade Zone
2022-11-22 12:43

Yesterday, Shounong Fruit Post-ripening Center project was put into production in Dalian Free Trade Zone. Shounong Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. introduced the first modern pressurized post-ripening equipment in Northeast China, and provided healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free post-ripening fruits for consumers in Dalian and Northeast hinterland through scientific and accurate temperature control and pressurization technology. The commissioning of this project will expand the advantages of Dalian Free Trade Zone in international cold chain commodity distribution, and help the Free Trade Zone become the "first stop" for fresh products from RCEP regions such as Japan and ASEAN to enter the Chinese market.


Shounong Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a leading fresh supply chain enterprise in China and one of the leading enterprises in modern logistics industry in Dalian Free Trade Zone. It is estimated that it will contribute 1.6 billion yuan in import and export volume to Dalian Free Trade Zone this year. The fruit ripening center project has 10 ripening warehouses and 6 constant temperature warehouses, which can process 12,000 bananas at the same time, and the constant temperature warehouse can store 90,000 bananas. All the ripening warehouses adopt the equipment imported from the Netherlands according to the European Union standard, and the goods are intelligently controlled in the whole process. The ripening time and maturity can be regulated according to the market demand and customer needs, which not only greatly reduces the damage rate of goods, but also makes the fruits ripen more evenly and taste sweeter and waxy. The commissioning of the center has opened a new mode of fruit ripening, which is an innovation in the technical field of imported fruit supply chain in our city and another upgrade of the traditional cold chain logistics function in Dalian Free Trade Zone. Relying on the center, Shounong Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. will continue to explore and expand more post-ripening fruit business such as mango, avocado and tomato, and actively promote the import business of fruits in RCEP trade agreement countries, making solid steps to realize the integrated services of the whole industry chain such as collection and distribution port, inspection, trading, distribution and distribution.


At the 5th China International Import Expo held recently, Shounong Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Dalian Free Trade Zone signed an RCEP project cooperation agreement. The commissioning of Shounong Fruit Post-ripening Center will effectively help the company to further expand its business segment and provide a strong supply chain guarantee for Dalian Free Trade Zone to expand trade with many major fruit producing countries among RCEP members.