Dalian 2,457 new jobs created in the real-name system of disabled this Year
2022-11-22 12:42

"The city disabled service center recommended my son the work of free accommodation in sincere canned food, so that he can achieve employment and integrate into society. Thank you very much!" Xiao Jiang's mother, who is mentally disabled, said happily at the job fair.


Yesterday morning, a city-wide on-site employment fair for the disabled was held in the employment hall on the first floor of the city's service center for the disabled. Fourteen household units from the four districts, high-tech zones and Jinpu New District in the city provided nearly 80 jobs suitable for the disabled. Through nearly two hours of negotiation, more than 100 people have reached employment intentions. Legal volunteer teams and psychological counseling experts also came to the scene to provide free services for the disabled.


According to reports, this year, our city has held 2 city-wide on-site employment fairs for the disabled, 3 online job fairs, and 2,457 new jobs have been created under the real-name system.