The 4th International Forum on Journalism and Communication Education held
2022-11-22 14:26

Recently, the 4th International Journalism and Communication Education Forum, sponsored by Dalian Foreign Studies University and Multilingual International Communication Education Alliance, and hosted by School of Journalism and Communication of Dalian Foreign Studies University and School of International Journalism and Communication of Beijing Foreign Studies University, was held in Dalian "Cloud". At the opening ceremony of this forum, the Institute of International Communication of Dalian Foreign Studies University was inaugurated, which will create a new think tank integrating discipline construction, personnel training, academic research and political consultation services, and strive to produce pioneering achievements in the field of international communication research.


The theme of this forum is "Constructing Independent Knowledge System of Journalism and Communication: Reflection and Exploration". More than 200 representatives from universities, scientific research institutions and external communication management institutions all over the country attended the meeting. This paper focuses on the connotation and construction of independent knowledge system of journalism and communication, as well as the reform and innovation of international journalism and communication education, so as to make due contributions to promoting knowledge innovation, theory innovation and method innovation of journalism and communication and international journalism and communication education.


Strengthening the construction of international communication capacity, promoting foreign cultural exchanges and multi-level dialogue among civilizations are important ways to continuously enhance the influence of Chinese civilization communication power and enhance the soft power of national culture, and are also inevitable requirements for promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and accelerating the construction of a socialist cultural power. Over the years, Dalian Foreign Studies University has taken the initiative to meet the national strategic needs of promoting international communication capacity building in the new era. Give full play to the mission of foreign language colleges in the new era, With a broad international vision and deep local feelings, Revitalize the regional economy and Liaoning's educational, cultural and social development, In the future, the school will continue to strengthen the construction of international communication capacity, In particular, the cultivation of international communication talents should be regarded as an important and long-term task, so as to cultivate more outstanding talents who can better explain Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit and Chinese wisdom to the world, promote mutual learning and learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and promote China to better go to the world and the world to better understand China.