Dalian delegation of "Liao Fair" won a bumper harvest, which signed 79 total investments of project with more than 240 billion yuan
2022-11-21 14:24

From November 18 to 20, the 2022 Liaoning International Investment and Trade Fair co-sponsored by Liaoning Provincial People's Government, Ministry of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade was held in Shenyang. According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, In order to make good use of the national exhibition platform of Liao Fair, To publicize the achievements of our city's economic development and opening to the outside world, promote trade and investment cooperation with foreign countries and countries, and build an important node city with double circulation at home and abroad, the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to all the work of participating in the conference, which lasted more than one month's preparation and four days' on-site implementation, and successfully completed various agendas, with many bright spots on the spot.


Focus on contracted projects and investment promotion results. During this "Liao Fair", the projects signed by Dalian delegation enjoyed a bumper harvest. A total of 79 projects have been signed in the whole city, with a total investment of 241.537 billion, accounting for 42.4% of the total investment of the project signed by the whole province. Among them, according to project types, there are 16 foreign-funded projects with an investment of 12.047 billion yuan and 63 domestic-funded projects with an investment of 229.49 billion yuan; According to the signing form, 6 projects were signed centrally at the opening ceremony with an investment of 55.5 billion yuan, and 73 projects were signed by themselves with an investment of 186.037 billion yuan. The total number of contracted projects and total investment increased by 338.9% and 131.2% respectively. The overall characteristics are as follows: the number of contracted projects is large, and the number of contracted projects, whether domestic or foreign, is higher than that of previous years; The contracted projects are of high quality, focusing on high-quality development industries such as clean energy, petrochemical industry, high-end commerce and digital economy; The contracted amount is large, and the contracted amount of several projects exceeds 10 billion yuan.


In addition, during the "Liao Fair", the Municipal Bureau of Commerce also organized various departments directly under the municipal government, districts, cities and counties, and pilot areas to combine the activities such as Liaoning-China International Import Expo Exhibitors Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair, China (Shenyang) Korea Week, Liaoning-Japan Economic and Trade Cooperation Summit, etc. and the situation of participating enterprises. Carry out characteristic investment promotion activities in a targeted manner, do a good job of docking and negotiation, and strive to maximize the investment promotion effect.


Take the conference and exhibition as a platform to display the image of the city. Dalian exhibition area covers an area of 1053 square meters, and the overall design incorporates the elements of the sea, which symbolizes the city's urban character of going up the waves, developing towards the sea and strengthening the chart. The Mobius ring shape is placed at the entrance of the exhibition area, which means that our city and the brother cities in Liaoning coastal economic belt come down in one continuous line, interconnect and develop synergistically. Six sections, including electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, new chemical materials, biomedicine, new energy and energy storage, and commerce, were set up. A total of 40 enterprises and 243 exhibits from the world's top 500 and industry top 100, including Intel, Hynix, Hengli Petrochemical, Big Ship, Iceberg and Rongke Energy Storage, participated in the exhibition. Dalian's industrial advantages and economic and social development achievements are displayed in multiple dimensions through various forms such as objects, models, exhibition boards, interactions and promotional videos.


Taking local enterprises as carriers, highlighting Dalian elements. With the help of the platform of Brand Consumption Innovation Conference, our city organized 14 manufacturers represented by Dashang Group and Salt Chemical Group to participate in the exhibition, involving thousands of products in 11 categories, such as handicrafts, prefabricated vegetables and seafood, and reached 9 purchase intentions with a contracted amount of 900 million yuan.