Dalian held "big country craftsman" to enter Dalian and the first Dalian employee innovation achievement promotion activity
2022-11-21 14:24

From November 19 to 23, sponsored by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association and Dalian Federation of Trade Unions, and undertaken by Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd., "Great Country Artisans" entered Dalian and the first promotion activity of innovation achievements of Dalian employees was held in Bingshan Huigu Park. 209 innovations in the city were commended and rewarded, and hundreds of innovations were promoted and exchanged. Ten famous "great country craftsmen" in China, such as Zhang Xinting, the representative of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and senior technician of the trial-production branch of China Ordnance Northwest Industry Group Research Institute, were invited to walk into the production line of equipment manufacturing enterprises in our city, communicate with employees on the spot, learn from each other and teach skills, solve technical problems, and sign a mentoring pairing agreement with technical experts in our city.


Ten "great country craftsmen" each have "unique skills", Among them are Zhang Xinting, Li Wanjun, Lu Renfeng, Liu Xiangbin, Mao Zhengshi, Dai Zhentao and other "great country craftsmen" of the year. There are also Zhang Lichen and Yuan Mingwei, champions of the World Skills Competition, and Qi Songyu and Ding Zhaomin, winners of the China Skills Award. They are famous top masters in the fields of welding, numerical control, casting and fitters in China, among which Mao Zhengshi and Dai Zhentao are "great country craftsmen" emerging in our city.


Focus on the "neck sticking" problem in 7 key fields such as heat treatment gear deformation control technology, and 12 industrial technical problems such as how to diagnose electromagnetic interference in CNC equipment maintenance. 17 enterprise technical problems such as intelligent port machinery, From November 17 to 20, "Great Country Artisans" went deep into the workshop teams of key machinery industry enterprises such as Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Heavy Industry Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Luanyi Precision Molding Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to block the first-line consultation problems and impart experience and skills. According to the in-depth exchange and discussion of professional expertise, 27 technical problems such as surface treatment technology and welding technology of magnesium alloy materials are listed as key research projects. Liu Xiangbin, a "great country craftsman", is an expert in the field of numerical control. In view of the technical problems such as serious tool wear, difficult size guarantee and low efficiency in Iceberg Cold and Hot Manufacturing Department of Iceberg Free Trade Zone Industrial Park, he designed a new set of boring and hinging composite tools to solve them. After efforts, the machining accuracy was improved, and the efficiency was improved by 6 to 7 times compared with the original machining method. Two masters, Li Wanjun and Ding Zhaomin, experts in the field of welding, have effectively solved the problems of stable temperature control of aluminum pipe welding and difficult multi-angle welding of white steel pipe in the processing process. Ji Zhijian, Chairman of Dalian Iceberg Group Co., Ltd., was deeply touched that the high-quality manufacturing and digital innovation development of icebergs cannot be achieved without the support of high-skilled talents. The arrival of "great country craftsmen" has injected new vitality and provided new opportunities for promoting the high-quality development of icebergs.


Yu Zhongchi, president of China Machinery Enterprise Association, fully affirmed the activities of "great country craftsmen" entering Dalian, and pointed out that Dalian is a city with a large number of British models, with a strong atmosphere of respecting the spirit of model workers and craftsmen and a profound foundation of intellectual creation and creation in the equipment manufacturing industry. The first stop in Northeast China of the "Great Country Artisan" Branch of China Machinery Enterprise Association was invited to Dalian, which is to build a platform for craftsman spirit inheritance and technical exchange in Dalian, create a long-term cooperation mechanism for training high-skilled personnel, focus on solving technical problems in the machinery manufacturing industry, and contribute to Dalian's revitalization of the "high jump team" in Northeast China.


In recent years, Dalian Federation of Trade Unions has insisted on innovation-driven and personnel training as the key points to help revitalize and develop. Every year, more than 30 million yuan is used to reward employees for technical upgrading, innovation and creation, and competition training. In the first promotion activity of employees' innovation achievements in Dalian, some employees' technological innovation achievements that reached the domestic advanced level or industry leading level were rewarded, and a large number of technological innovation experts, "unique skills", advanced operation methods, rationalization suggestions, invention patent projects, advanced units and individuals of technological innovation were named and commended.