Dalian 2022 Administrative Law Enforcement Qualification Examination ended successfully
2022-11-20 17:59

It was learned from the Municipal Justice Bureau yesterday that in order to strengthen the construction of administrative law enforcement team, improve the ability and quality of administrative law enforcement personnel, and promote strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement, up to now, the Municipal Justice Bureau has organized 2,146 people from 10 districts, cities and counties and 19 municipal authorities to take the 2022 administrative law enforcement qualification examination, and the 2022 administrative law enforcement qualification examination in our city ended successfully. Through the examination, the professional ability of administrative law enforcement personnel in our city has been further tested, the legal literacy of administrative law enforcement personnel has been enhanced, and the level and ability of administration according to law have been improved.


In recent years, our city has deeply practiced Xi's thought of rule of law, continuously optimized the business environment ruled by law, continuously promoted the construction of a national demonstration city of government ruled by law, comprehensively implemented the "three systems of administrative law enforcement", made efforts to build a three-level coordination and supervision system of administrative law enforcement in cities, counties and towns, and further promoted strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement under the sun. The concepts of "rule of law is the best business environment" and "law enforcement is the business environment" have been vividly practiced in Dalian. Especially since this year's centralized rectification of outstanding problems in administrative law enforcement, the city has insisted on paying equal attention to education and punishment, strengthening the case discipline, case interpretation, and case promotion, and educating the staff of judicial organs to know fear, save fear, and keep the bottom line; Carry out the investigation of clean government risks in key posts and key areas, seriously investigate and deal with the problem of non-convergence and non-stop, and create a fair and just legal environment in depth. Our city strictly implements the inspection plan of administrative law enforcement involving enterprises, establishes and implements the mechanism of "reverse filing, supervision and reverse inspection" of administrative law enforcement inspection involving enterprises, strictly manages administrative law enforcement certificates, and clears and collects 395 administrative law enforcement certificates, thus consolidating the basic work of strictly regulating fair and civilized law enforcement.