Dalian clarifies safety supervision and coordination responsibilities of offshore wind power scenarios
2022-11-20 17:58

According to the Municipal Safety Committee, According to the Plan of Implementing the Principle of "Three Management and Three Necessities", Perfecting the Safety Production Responsibility System and Implementing the Scenario-based Whole Chain Supervision Mechanism in Dalian, Our city has studied and formulated the Notice on Defining the Safety Supervision and Collaborative Responsibilities of Offshore Wind Power Scenarios, which clarifies the safety supervision and collaborative responsibilities of offshore wind power scenarios, so as to effectively eliminate the leakage points, breakpoints and blind spots in the daily management of safety production and fire safety.


The Municipal Safety Committee made it clear that the responsible units for scene safety supervision of offshore wind power enterprises are the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Dalian Maritime Safety Administration and relevant departments. According to the Regulations on Function Allocation, Internal Organization and Staffing of Dalian Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology "exercises the administrative duties of the city's power industry according to law". The Municipal Development and Reform Commission should do a good job in safety production in the process of offshore wind power construction, urge the project construction unit to survey first, then design and then construct, strictly examine the qualifications of survey and design units, sign safety production agreements, and implement various safety guarantee measures. Dalian Maritime Safety Administration shall, in accordance with the law, do a good job in the examination and approval of water operation permits in the engineering survey and design stage, check whether the operating ships and personnel meet the requirements of safe navigation, berthing and operation, and ensure that the measures, emergency plans and responsibility systems are applicable to the actual situation of the operating waters. All relevant departments should do a good job of collaborative supervision in accordance with the Opinions of the Security Committee Office of the State Council and other five departments on Strengthening the Safety Risk Prevention and Control of Offshore Wind Power Projects (Security Committee Office [2022] No.9).