The First Full-Process Online Digital RMB Tax Payment Landed in Dalian
2021-09-09 10:25

"You don't need to go to the bank, you can pay taxes in digital RMB on your mobile phone". On September 8th, Ms. Yu Hong, a taxpayer, logged into the official website of Dalian Taxation Bureau by mobile phone and scanned the digital RMB QR code to complete online tax payment. As a result, the first online personal tax payment business using digital RMB in China successfully landed in Dalian, opening up a precedent for the use of digital RMB in treasury revenue business.


Digital RMB is an important financial infrastructure in the digital economy era. After Dalian became a pilot area of digital RMB at the end of November, 2020, Dalian Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China reported to the head office in time to explore the application of digital RMB in treasury business, worked out specific operation procedures and implementation plans, and participated in the system transformation together with Dalian Taxation Bureau and relevant banks. In view of the operational difficulties in the application of digital RMB in tax payment business, special seminars have been organized for many times to study solutions to ensure that taxes are paid into the state treasury in a timely and accurate manner.


As a new mode to enrich the existing tax payment channels, it means that when enterprises and individuals pay taxes in the tax window or Dalian interactive platform, using digital RMB scan code to pay taxes directly can reduce the number of taxpayers traveling to and from banks because of paying large taxes, which will directly benefit 540,000 corporate taxpayers in the city and Dalian citizens who need to pay taxes in the city, and further expand the inclusiveness of financial services. Providing taxpayers with "non-contact" new tax payment channels is also conducive to the smooth development of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.


The relevant person in charge of Dalian Central Branch of the People's Bank of China said, Some areas of our city will be selected to carry out pilot projects in combination with expenditure and refunding business, which will be gradually extended to the whole jurisdiction after conditions are ripe, so as to achieve the pilot goal of extensive coverage in business types, collection agencies and jurisdiction, strengthen the organic integration of financial innovation and digital technology empowerment, and contribute to building a digital economic ecosystem in Dalian.