Investigate and Rectify Environmental Hazards of Chemical Parks and Hazardous Enterprises, Dalian Ranks First in Province's Assessment and Evaluation
2021-09-08 09:44

Recently, Dalian ranked first in the incentive assessment of the investigation of safety and environmental hazards of chemical parks and hazardous chemicals enterprises in the province. According to the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, As early as August 2020, our city issued the Work Plan for Investigation and Remediation of Environmental Hidden Dangers in Chemical Parks and Dangerous Chemicals Enterprises, It is clear that from the end of August 2020 to December 2022, 8 chemical parks (gathering areas), 172 hazardous chemicals enterprises and enterprises with larger environmental risk sources in the city will be investigated and rectified for 3 years, focusing on 64 items such as hazardous waste disposal, water pollution and nuclear technology utilization.


Since the investigation and rectification action started, our city has established a working system of "linkage between cities and counties, expert guidance, supervision and help integration", established the working goal of "finding out the base, managing hidden dangers, cracking down on illegal activities and realizing high-quality development of chemical industry", and carried out special inspections for more than 10 times. The scope of investigation and the content of inspection are "fully covered". Self-pressurization has raised 94 chemical enterprises and 40 inspection standards issued by the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment to 8 parks (gathering areas) and 172 enterprises and 64 inspection contents. Give full play to the advantages of experts, and hire more than 50 well-known experts and scholars in the fields of environmental assessment, emergency response, monitoring and solid waste from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang, and go to various counties and cities, key parks and key enterprises to carry out "carpet-style" investigation and diagnosis. Strengthen assistance and guidance, carry out training while strictly inspecting, listen to the demands of enterprises, put forward rectification suggestions, and help enterprises solve practical difficulties. Actively promote the rectification of hidden dangers, keep a close eye on the implementation of the rectification of "one park, one policy" and "one enterprise, one policy", formulate a list of risks, hidden dangers and problems, rectification tasks and measures, and results, establish a rectification sales number system, and dynamically update the database in the form of weekly scheduling and monthly assessment. Severely crack down on illegal "small chemical" enterprises. The Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau compared and screened the list of small chemical enterprises issued by the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, determined the list of 748 suspected "small chemical" enterprises, and took 222 as key supervision objects, found 33 hidden dangers and completed 30 rectifications. At the same time, we will further implement the "four batches" of classified disposal requirements, including 22 closed and banned, 77 suspended for rectification, 12 upgraded and 1 relocated to the park.


In the next step, Dalian will strictly implement the rectification principle of "shutting down and moving", adhere to the result orientation, and ensure that "there is no dead end in the investigation of hidden dangers, and the implementation of rectification will see actual results". Further promote the standardization construction of chemical industry, enhance the environmental risk prevention ability of chemical parks and chemical enterprises from the source, and continuously improve the level of green sustainable development. Continue to push forward the rectification and sales of problems, and keep a close eye on the stock problem. Continue to carry out in-depth investigation of hidden dangers, effectively deter environmental violations with high pressure, and force enterprises to transform and upgrade.