Comprehensively Improve the Level of City Appearance
2021-09-06 07:43

Recently, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau organized a conference on urban management to convey and implement the spirit of the special conference on cleaning and rectifying illegal outdoor advertisements of the Municipal Party Committee. It is necessary to persistently do a good job in cleaning and rectifying illegal outdoor advertisements and preparing outdoor advertisement setting plans. Taking the creation of a civilized city as an opportunity, taking people's satisfaction as the goal, daring to fight, being good at fighting, being more realistic, grasping carefully and realistically, earnestly curing, strictly managing and grasping the urban management work for a long time, and comprehensively improving the level of city appearance.


At the meeting, the urban management departments of various regions reported the recent urban management work such as cleaning up and rectifying illegal outdoor advertisements. The meeting pointed out that in the recent period, the city's urban management departments carried out a number of special rectification actions, such as cleaning up and rectifying illegal outdoor advertisements, which set off a work upsurge of creating civilized cities and improving urban management level, and achieved initial results. The Municipal Urban Management Bureau will continue to play a leading role, strengthen overall planning, specific guidance and supervise implementation, and all regions should assume territorial responsibility and creatively implement it. We should always adhere to the normal and long-term effect to grasp urban management, take advantage of the situation to overcome key and difficult problems in urban management, and strive to fill shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to strengthen various special rectifications in urban management fields such as outdoor advertising, occupation of roads and repair of cars, early night markets and illegal construction with high standards and great efforts, formulate plans, improve standards and strengthen measures, and continue to do a good job in cleaning up and rectifying. It is necessary to clarify the division of responsibilities, strengthen the coordination and linkage of urban areas, firmly compact territorial responsibilities, give full play to the important role of streets in urban management, and decompose the work item by item according to the remediation standards.