Leading Group for Party History Learning and Education Issued "Notice" to Further Promote Practical Activities of "I Do Practical Things for Masses"
2021-09-06 07:41

Recently, the Leading Group for Party History Study and Education issued the Notice on Deepening the Practical Activities of "I Do Practical Things for the Masses", which put forward clear requirements for deepening the practical activities of "I Do Practical Things for the Masses".


According to the notice, Since the study and education of Party history was carried out, Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously implement the requirements of the central government's deployment, combine the study of party history with summing up experience, observing reality and promoting work, deeply understand the needs of the masses, and focus on solving outstanding problems. The people's sense of gain, happiness and security has been continuously enhanced, and the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses" has achieved important initial results.


The circular stressed that it is necessary to take more effective measures to solve all kinds of urgent and worrying problems around the masses, and promote new progress and new achievements in the practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses". It is necessary to learn to speak and realize thoughts, make great efforts to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important speech on July 1, enrich and improve the list of key livelihood projects according to the fundamental requirements of the "nine musts", ensure accurate problems, practical measures and good results, and further improve the quality level of doing practical things for the masses. We must keep our original intentions and undertake our mission. We will continue to work hard to solve the urgent problems around the masses, focus on helping rural revitalization, serving the "one old and one small", helping people living in difficulties, promoting the high-quality development of old revolutionary base areas, seizing important time nodes such as National Day, and focusing on launching a number of policies and measures to benefit the people and the people, so that the masses can feel the effect of practical activities personally. We should take responsibility and act bravely, and work hard to solve the "hard bone" problem. Members of leading bodies at all levels should take the lead in leading the common needs and existing universal problems reflected by the masses, the pain points and difficulties that need to be solved urgently in development, and the problems left over from the history of people's livelihood that have not been solved for a long time, and strive for a breakthrough this year. It is necessary to strengthen organization and work together, and make great efforts to promote practical activities to produce results and see actual results. Party branches of government agencies, enterprises and institutions and village (community) party branches should really help, build and solve problems, and the majority of party members should actively participate in voluntary service according to their own reality, so as to better solve the difficult things at the grassroots level and the worries of the masses.


The notice requires that we should do our best and do what we can, refrain from formalism and bureaucracy, pay attention to reducing burdens at the grassroots level, build strong organizations through practical activities, train party members, unite the masses, and constantly close the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people; It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, reflect grassroots experience, practices and actual results in a timely manner, and actively create a good atmosphere in the whole society to concentrate on solving people's urgent problems and worries.