Xi Telephoned US President Biden
2021-09-11 11:12

Content on the morning of September 10, President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with US President Biden, and had frank, in-depth and extensive strategic communication and exchanges on Sino-US relations and related issues of mutual concern.


Xi Jinping first expressed condolences to Biden and the American people on the casualties and property losses caused by Hurricane Ida in many places in the United States. Biden expressed his gratitude for this.


Xi Jinping pointed out that for some time, the China policy adopted by the United States has caused serious difficulties in Sino-US relations, which is not in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the common interests of all countries in the world. China and the United States are the largest developing countries and the largest developed countries respectively. Whether China and the United States can handle their relations well is vital to the future and destiny of the world, and it is a century question that both countries must answer well. Sino-US cooperation will benefit both countries and the world; If China and the United States confront each other, both countries and the world will suffer. Sino-US relations are not a multiple-choice question of whether to do well, but a must-answer question of how to do well.


Xi Jinping emphasized that ancient Chinese poetry said: "There is no way to answer doubts in mountains and heavy waters, and there is another village in the dark." Since the bilateral relations broke the ice in 1971, China and the United States have worked together to bring tangible benefits to all countries. At present, the international community is facing many common problems. China and the United States should show a big pattern, shoulder great responsibilities, persist in looking forward and moving forward, and show strategic courage and political courage to push Sino-US relations back to the correct track of stable development as soon as possible, so as to better benefit the two peoples and the people of all countries in the world.


Xi Jinping expounded China's position on climate change and other issues, emphasizing that China adheres to ecological priority, takes a green and low-carbon development path, and has always taken the initiative to assume international responsibilities in line with its own national conditions. On the basis of respecting each other's core concerns and properly managing differences, relevant departments of the two countries can continue contact and dialogue, promote coordination and cooperation on climate change, epidemic prevention and control, economic recovery and major international and regional issues, and at the same time tap more cooperation potential to add more positive factors to bilateral relations.


Biden said that the world is undergoing rapid changes, and the US-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship in the world. How the United States and China interact will greatly affect the future of the world. There is no reason for the two countries to fall into conflict because of competition. The United States has never intended to change the one-China policy. The United States is willing to conduct more frank exchanges and constructive dialogues with China, identify key points and priority areas for cooperation between the two sides, avoid misunderstanding, misjudgment and accidental conflicts, and push US-China relations back on track. The United States looks forward to strengthening communication and cooperation with China on important issues such as climate change and forming more consensus.


The two sides agreed that in-depth communication between China and the United States on Sino-US relations and major international issues is very important to lead the correct development of Sino-US relations, and agreed to continue to maintain regular contacts through various means, and will instruct the working levels of both sides to step up their work and conduct extensive dialogues to create conditions for the forward development of Sino-US relations.