Xi Telephoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel
2021-09-11 09:38

Chinese President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel on the evening of September 10.


Xi Jinping pointed out that since last year, we have maintained frequent and efficient exchanges, which has played an important leading role in the development of Sino-German and China-EU relations and also reflected the high mutual trust between China and Germany. I highly appreciate Madam Chancellor's active efforts to promote pragmatic cooperation and friendly exchanges between Germany and Europe with China.


Xi Jinping emphasized that in recent years, Sino-German relations have generally maintained smooth development, and cooperation in various fields has shown strong resilience under the epidemic situation, bringing a real sense of gain to the two peoples. China and Germany push China and Europe to complete the investment agreement negotiations on schedule, jointly advocate multilateralism, safeguard free trade, actively respond to climate change, and make positive contributions to maintaining world peace and stability. The fundamental reason for the great achievements in Sino-German relations lies in mutual respect, seeking common ground while reserving differences, paying attention to win-win cooperation and promoting complementary advantages. As long as the two sides persist in consolidating and deepening mutual trust, treating each other as equals and focusing on cooperation, they can promote the continuous development of Sino-German relations. It is hoped that Germany will push the EU to adhere to a correct China policy, treat differences objectively and handle differences rationally, and promote the sustained and healthy development of China-EU relations.


Merkel said that there are many points worth summarizing in the development of Germany-China and EU-China relations in recent years. I am willing to maintain close communication with China and make joint efforts to push Germany-China and EU-China to bridge differences and properly handle differences through dialogue. The EU-China Investment Agreement is mutually beneficial and win-win for both Europe and China, and it is hoped that it will be approved and put into effect smoothly as soon as possible. Germany hopes to strengthen vaccine cooperation with China.

Merkel briefed her views on the current situation in Afghanistan and expressed her hope to strengthen communication and coordination with China under multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations. Xi Jinping emphasized that China advocates coexistence and mutual learning among different civilizations, opposes interference in other countries' internal affairs, and is willing to work with the international community including Germany to make constructive efforts to truly achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan.