Dalian Customs Fully Implemented Reform of "Separation of Licenses"
2021-07-19 08:52

Dalian University of Technology is the eve of the founding of New China, The first new formal university, which was founded for the construction of China's industrial system, has made continuous progress and development for more than 70 years, trained more than 250,000 outstanding talents for the country, made important contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of the motherland, and started a new journey of building a world-class university in a new era. On the occasion of celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Party, on July 17th, Dalian Alumni Association of Dalian University of Technology organized more than 100 alumni to visit the patriotic education demonstration base in Liaoning Province and the history museum of Dalian University of Technology, where the red landmark punched cards, to relive the historical epitome of the vigorous development of China's higher education under the leadership of the Party.


History is the best textbook. The History Museum of Dalian University of Technology was officially opened on April 15, 2019, the exhibition area of the school history museum is about 2,280 square meters. It consists of exhibition areas such as Preface Hall, Evolution Hall, People Hall and Alumni Hall. Focus on the fruitful achievements in the red history, fine traditions, personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, etc. Highlighting the great contribution made by the school to the reform, opening up and socialist modernization, the School History Museum has become an important educational base for the promotion and inheritance of red genes in Dalian University of Technology.


After the visit, the alumni talked freely about their feelings and agreed that they were sincerely proud to walk into their alma mater to review the history of the university, see the ever-changing changes that have taken place in their alma mater under the leadership of the Party, and achieve fruitful results in teaching and scientific research. The progress and development of Dalian University of Technology in the past 70 years is the historical epitome of the vigorous development of China's higher education under the leadership of the Party. Alumni said that in the future work, they will carry on Do not forget your initiative mind's mission, inherit the red genes of their alma mater, strive to create first-class achievements in their respective posts, and contribute more wisdom, feelings and strength to the construction of double first-class universities of their alma mater and the construction of Dalian's "two leading areas".