Trusteeship Support Project for Children of Dalian Employees Launched
2021-07-19 08:51

On July 16th, the launching ceremony of the 2021 "Growth Power Camp" trusteeship support project for Dalian employees' children was held in the Central Hospital. Xu Guangxiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, attended the meeting, and together with the heads of relevant units, presented camp flags and books to the representatives of seven trusteeship class construction units, including the Central Hospital.


The trusteeship and support project of "Growth Power Camp" is a public welfare project jointly sponsored by municipal organizations and strongly supported by relevant departments of the municipal government. Recently, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Committee, the Municipal Women's Federation, the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Municipal Group Organization Service Center, the Municipal Youth Work Committee, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Commission and other departments worked together. Financial support of 20,000 yuan was provided for each of the first seven trusteeship class construction units of the project, volunteer teachers were recruited, and curriculum experience contents such as poetry recitation, planet exploration, puzzle cube, happy English, introduction to Go and patriotism education were carefully prepared for children.


It is reported that the trusteeship support project of "Growth Power Camp" aims to provide support funds, volunteer teachers, special courses, etc. Advocate and help qualified, willing and needy government agencies, enterprises and institutions, park buildings, street communities, etc. to set up various public welfare trusteeship classes, and jointly build a caring trusteeship service brand of "Growth Power Camp" for employees' children in Bincheng, so that employees' children can enjoy warm care nearby.