Liaoning Province Aims at Digital Empowerment to Promote High-Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry
2021-07-19 10:15

Recently, Liaoning Province has issued a special action plan for digital empowerment of manufacturing industry, proposing that by 2023, the whole province should form a number of typical application scenarios for high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of manufacturing industry and digitalization.


According to the plan issued by Liaoning provincial government, by 2023, the proportion of regulated manufacturing enterprises with comprehensive digitalization of key business links in the province will reach 43%, the access rate of regulated industrial enterprises to industrial Internet will reach 56%, the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools will reach 84%, and the per capita installed capacity of industrial robots will reach 160 units/10, 000 people. Give full play to the leading role of Shenyang and Dalian in demonstration, promote the creation of a national benchmark city for digital transformation of manufacturing industry, integrate and develop demonstration highland, and strive for a famous software city in China.


As a big province of equipment manufacturing industry, this field will be the focus of digital empowerment. Liaoning will focus on promoting key enterprises such as CNC machine tools, automobiles, ships and offshore engineering equipment, and aerospace to accelerate digital network transformation and enhance intelligent manufacturing capabilities. By 2023, the numerical control rate of key processes of equipment manufacturing enterprises will reach 70%. In the field of raw material industry, we will focus on promoting enterprises in petrochemical, steel, magnesite and other industries to speed up the interconnection of production systems and the integration and application of industrial big data, and improve the ability of deep processing.


By 2023, Liaoning Province will strive to cultivate and form a number of typical digital management models and application scenarios that can be replicated and promoted, and cultivate new formats of networked collaboration. The proportion of enterprises that achieve networked collaboration in the manufacturing industry will reach 35%; Cultivate a new mode of intelligent manufacturing and promote enterprises to build intelligent production lines, digital workshops and intelligent factories.