Dalian Free Trade Zone Implements Food Business Classification Commitment System
2021-07-15 10:33

Recently, Liaoning Shengqianghan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., a food wholesale enterprise in Dalian Free Trade Zone, automatically generated a food business (food sales) commitment letter through the legal person space in the free trade zone, handled and obtained a food business license on the spot, and was included in the secondary food risk supervision system. This enterprise can "get the certificate" so quickly, thanks to the new measure of "food business classification commitment and classification supervision" first launched by Dalian Free Trade Zone in China.


Dalian Free Trade Zone implements a notification and commitment system for the examination and approval of food business and sales (except for only selling prepackaged foods). Enterprises only need to log in to the legal person space of Dalian Free Trade Zone, check the main business format and business category of food operators under the food business commitment module, and the system will automatically generate the conditions that the operators should have. After passing the legal person (operator) certification and electronic signature, the commitment letter will be generated online. Operators only need to submit the application form, the layout of business premises, main equipment and facilities, and the schematic diagram of operation flow, and then they can apply for food business license on the spot, saving 20 days compared with the statutory time limit for examination and approval. At the same time, the system will notify the relevant supervisors by mobile phone at the first time to check the commitment of the enterprise. If it is found that the actual situation of the applicant is inconsistent with the promised content, it will be required to rectify on schedule; If the conditions are still not met after rectification, the administrative examination and approval decision shall be revoked according to law, and the examination and approval method of informing commitment shall no longer apply to the same administrative examination and approval application of the applicant in the future.


After examination and approval, according to the business mode of food business units, the enterprises are divided into three levels of supervision categories. Retail enterprises are "three-level" supervision, and supervision is carried out through daily supervision and inspection, self-inspection reports, random spot checks, etc.; Wholesale enterprises are "secondary" supervision, and supervision is carried out through spot checks on warehouses and joint third-party inspections; Online sales enterprises are under "first-class" supervision, and whether the enterprises are operating normally is confirmed through "double random" inspection and other supervision methods. For food sellers who only apply for online sales without physical stores, there is no need to provide the address of peripheral warehouses.


In order to deepen the reform of license separation and strengthen post-event supervision, Dalian Free Trade Zone insists on the simultaneous innovation of examination and approval and supervision, and the new measure of "food business classification commitment and hierarchical supervision" puts effective supervision force into higher-risk formats. At the same time, enterprises that only sell through the network are no longer puzzled by the registered address of the warehouse, which avoids renting the warehouse for registration and leaving the warehouse idle in the business process, thus saving a lot of operating costs for enterprises.