acility Vegetable Straw Bioreactor Technology Promotion Meeting Held, "New Technology" to Increase Yield of 20,000 Mu of Vegetables in Dalian by More than 20%
2021-07-13 12:14

In the facility vegetable greenhouse of Haiyan Vegetable Professional Cooperative in Dalian Fort, Jinpu New District, a small trencher dug four shallow ditches in the greenhouse. Vegetable farmers spread corn stalks in the shallow ditches, sprinkled biological bacteria liquid on the stalks, and then covered with soil for compaction and fermentation... In August this year, the greenhouse will cultivate the second crop of western blue flowers and organic cauliflower. Recently, it was learned at the "On-site Observation and Exchange Meeting of Dalian 2021 Facility Vegetable Straw Bioreactor Technology Promotion Project" that starting from 2018, our city has used straw bioreactor technology in advantageous vegetable producing areas for three consecutive years to improve the soil in old vegetable shed areas, and gave farmers 200 yuan strain subsidies per mu of land. Up to now, the demonstration and promotion area of the whole city is nearly 20,000 mu, with an average increase of 20% ~ 30%.


For a long time, many problems caused by continuous cropping of vegetables, such as soil salinization, acidification, hardening, serious soil-borne diseases, excessive detection of agricultural products and so on, have seriously affected the production of vegetables, especially those in greenhouse. In order to stabilize the construction of the "vegetable basket" project and help vegetable farmers increase production and income, starting from 2018, our city has adopted the soil improvement and restoration technology based on microorganisms such as straw bioreactors, and improved the soil in the old vegetable shed area in the advantageous vegetable producing areas for three consecutive years, and achieved remarkable results.


Sun Yanjun, manager of Dalian Fort Haiyan Vegetable Professional Cooperative, introduced at the on-site exchange meeting that in the past, only one seedling could be cultivated in each greenhouse every year. Since the new technology was used, not only the continuous cropping of vegetables can be realized, but also the yield has increased. In the past, seedling raising basically ended in one crop, but now seedlings can be raised twice a year, which greatly improves the utilization rate of shed and increases the yield by more than 30%.


Cai Hongxiang, a plant protection expert from the Municipal Modern Agricultural Production Development Service Center, said that straw bioreactor technology can effectively increase ground temperature, greatly improve soil environmental conditions, reduce pests and diseases, and increase crop yield. Through the implementation of this technology, the greenhouse of protected vegetables can not only save the input of pesticides and fertilizers, but also activate and utilize the remaining nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and there is no problem in increasing the yield by 20% ~ 30%. If it is used well, the yield increase effect can reach about 50%, and the input-output ratio is above 1: 3. It is understood that in recent years, this technology has been widely used in the production of fruit trees such as cherries, peach trees and vines in facilities, and is well received by farmers.