Selection of "Dalian Famous Snacks" Kicked off at Same Time as International Nightingale Festival
2021-07-13 12:12

To promote Liaoning catering culture, To build Liaoning snack brand and give full play to the role of catering industry in prospering the market, promoting consumption and serving the public, at 10:30 on July 12, the Provincial Department of Commerce, together with the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Network Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and other departments, held the launching ceremony of the "Liaoning Famous Snacks" selection activity in all cities of the province, which was broadcast live. Dalian Municipal Government held the "Dalian Famous Snacks" selection activity and the launching ceremony of "2021 Dalian International Nightingale Festival" and "2021 Dalian Food Culture Festival" in Ganjingli Dongshi, Ganjingzi District.


Dalian is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, backed by the hinterland of Northeast China. It is endowed with unique seafood in cold water areas, world-famous cherries, rose-scented grapes, etc. There are a large number of restaurants, commercial streets and snack streets mainly dominated by seafood. Dalian will pass the "Liaoning Famous Snacks" selection activity, Actively build Dalian's unique snack brand, Enhance the regional awareness, brand recognition and consumption subscription of Dalian snacks, Promote the branding and industrialization of Dalian snacks, make Dalian snacks a new driving force to stimulate market vitality, activate regional social economy, meet people's needs for a better life, extend industrial chain and supply chain, promote the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure, and help Dalian's high-quality economic development. At the same time, it will open a journey of searching for urban culture and food for consumers, thus boosting the urban catering consumption economy, stimulating the vitality of Dalian, and creating "Dalian Famous Snacks" into a food business card with unique Dalian charm