The Cure Rate and Health Level of Children's Diseases in Dalian have Continued to Improve
2021-06-01 10:37

Today is the 71st "International Children's Day". The Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center (Group) will hold the "First Children's Health Festival". Hundreds of pediatricians and obstetricians will conduct free consultations on the spot. At the same time, activities such as children's medical experience, children's health care parent-child activities and open days of neonatal wards will be held.


With the continuous strengthening of maternal and child health work and the continuous improvement of children's treatment network, the cure rate and health level of children's diseases in our city have been continuously improved. The infant mortality rate has dropped from 3.10 ‰ in 2015 to 2.43 ‰ in 2020, and the mortality rate of children under 5 years old has dropped from 3.97 ‰ in 2015 to 3.22 ‰ in 2020. According to the Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center (Group), more than 100 children with leukemia have been treated in the children's hospital in the past three years. In the 7 years since the establishment of the pediatric heart team, nearly 2,000 cardiac surgeries have been completed, of which about 80% are children under 1 year old, complex congenital heart diseases account for more than 50% of the total surgeries, and the operative mortality rate is less than 3%. Every year, multidisciplinary consultation is conducted for about 300 fetuses with congenital heart diseases, and a green channel for integrated diagnosis and treatment before and after delivery is established.


Today, in addition to organizing pediatric and obstetrical experts to conduct square consultation and free consultation in the clinic, the pediatric outpatient service in the children's hospital area, the pediatric outpatient service in the Changjiang Road branch of the maternity hospital area, and the pediatric outpatient service in the sports new town hospital area will all be exempted from the corresponding consultation fees. At present, the integration of otolaryngology, dermatology, stomatology, ophthalmology and digestive internal medicine departments of the Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center (Group) has been completed. Since April, 15 experts from 5 specialties in the Children's Hospital District have visited the Sports New Town Hospital District. The ENT ward has been opened in the sports new town campus, and the obstetric VIP ward in the children's campus has been opened recently, realizing the homogeneous management of the three hospitals. In the future, the Group will devote itself to building a regional medical center for pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and become a research-oriented medical center for women and children with the largest scale, the most complete departments, outstanding specialty characteristics and the strongest medical strength in Northeast China.