Children in Dalian Pay Tribute to Centenary of Founding of The Party
2021-06-01 09:20

Today is "June 1" International Children's Day. Sponsored by Dalian Spiritual Civilization Office, Dalian Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Dalian News Media Group and Dalian Working Committee of Young Pioneers, "Singing a Song Together, Childlike Innocence Paying Tribute to the Party-Dalian Primary and Secondary School Students for the Centenary of the Founding of the Party" planned and implemented by FM106.7 Dalian Children's Broadcasting was officially launched. The song "You Are in Mother's Smile" composed by Yang Daoli, a national first-class director, a famous cultural scholar and writer, and Zheng Jun, a famous director and composer, will be sung among children and adolescents in Dalian.


The song "You Are in Mother's Smile" is a song specially created by Yang Daoli and Zheng Jun for children. It uses original songs with Dalian regional characteristics to carry the city's teenagers and children's deepest love for the Party. "You" is the party, "Mother" is the people, the works are elegant and beautiful, the tunes incorporate national music elements, and the liveliness reveals lyricism. I hope that the majority of young people and children in Dalian can pay tribute to the centenary of the founding of the Party with songs in their affectionate works. This song is also the theme song of the column "Searching for Dalian Red Landmark Punching Practice Activities" jointly planned by Dalian Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Dalian News Media Group and Dalian Working Committee of Young Pioneers.


In previous interviews, Yang Daoli, the lyricist, said that this is a song that blends faith into life and turns the people into the image of "mother". How to prevent children from feeling that "faith" is out of reach, how to reflect the close relationship between the party and the people, and how to let thousands of children sing happily together, every sentence and paragraph has a strong sense of picture and substitution. Zheng Jun, the songwriter, said, "How warm you are in your mother's smile! I was moved by such a good lyric, and I need to express my love and emotion for the party with unconventional, personalized, warm and spring-like music melody that belongs to children. At the same time, in the creation, the pursuit of songs is good, singing and learning, which is convenient for popularization."


At 8 o'clock today, FM106.7 Dalian Children's Radio launched a special program "Sing a Song Together, Childlike Innocence Forever to the Party", inviting the chief counselor of Dalian Young Pioneers to be a guest in the live broadcast room; The host connects the songwriter and tells the original intention of creation; Teachers and students of Dalian Media Children's Choir talked about the feeling of singing the original song "You Are in Mother's Smile" and expressed their deep wishes with singing.