More Than 800 Civil Affairs Cadres Visited Nearly 9,000 Families in Difficulty
2021-06-01 09:19

Combined with the study and education of party history, since April 2021, the civil affairs system of Dalian has carried out the special action of "going into families in difficulty to solve their worries and warm their hearts". By sinking down to "walk into the masses", "close to the masses" in various forms, and "serving the masses" with heart and emotion, we can change our work style, go deep into families in difficulty, listen to the voices of the people, and practice the spirit of "willing ox" in civil affairs. After more than one month's deployment practice, the special action has achieved good results.


It is reported that more than 800 civil affairs cadres in the city have gone into difficult families in an all-round way, explaining policies, finding out the base, understanding problems, publicizing people's livelihood security policies face to face, and dispelling doubts on the spot. At present, civil affairs staff at all levels in the city have completed visits to nearly 9,000 families in difficulty and collected more than 10,000 questions raised by the needy. At the same time, according to the deployment of our province, combined with Dalian's own work practice, this year, the city's minimum living standard will be raised from 750 yuan to 780 yuan per person per month, an increase of 4%, and the rural minimum living standard in Pulandian District, Wafangdian City and Zhuanghe City will be raised from 540 yuan to 580 yuan per person per month, an increase of 7.4%. At present, the bid proposal has been reviewed and approved by the executive meeting of the municipal government and is planned to be implemented from July 1. In addition, it also actively coordinated the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to explore the establishment of a fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism for social assistance. Reduce the ideological burden of social assistance managers and mobilize the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of grass-roots civil affairs staff. Relying on the minimum living security information management system of Dalian Civil Affairs Bureau, establish a basic database of the needy people in Dalian, and realize data entry in combination with the household visit ledger of this special action, and integrate the data of the low-income families, extremely poor families, temporary assistance objects, orphans, de facto unaccompanied children and the needy elderly in the city. In addition, on May 18, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau participated in the 15th "5.15 Open Government Affairs Day", answered calls from the masses, and answered policy questions such as social assistance, child welfare and old-age services.