Dalian Launched Theme Publicity Week "Rejecting Cross-border Gambling"
2021-05-08 08:55

Yesterday, it was learned from a press conference held by the Municipal Public Security Bureau that in order to effectively prevent and crack down on cross-border gambling crimes, the city's police launched a city-wide publicity week on the theme of "Rejecting Cross-border Gambling" from May 7 to 14.


The theme publicity week of "Rejecting Cross-border Gambling" aims to profoundly expose the serious harm and deceptive nature of cross-border gambling, and effectively create a strong atmosphere of refusing gambling and opposing gambling in the whole society. The police will adopt a combination of online and offline methods, make extensive use of media resources, and continue to carry out joint exhibition of public welfare posters, short videos and publicity slogans. At the same time, using the resources of the whole society, we will carry out various forms of social publicity and education activities such as entering squares, communities, schools and enterprises for a long time and without interruption.


The police reminded the general public that they hope that they will recognize the essence of "ten bets and ten cheats" and "ten bets and ten losses" in cross-border gambling, and never trust the "dream of getting rich" carefully woven by criminals and fall into the abyss of illegal crimes.