During Investigation of Provincial News Organizations, Zhang Guoqing Emphasized Providing a Powerful Spiritual Force for Realizing New Breakthroughs in Liaoning's Revitalization and Development
2021-05-28 09:53

On 27 May, Zhang Guoqing, secretary of the provincial party committee, came to Liaoning Newspaper Media Group (Liaoning Daily) and Liaoning Radio and Television Group (Liaoning Radio and Television Station), This paper conducts research on thoroughly implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on news and public opinion work, promoting media integration and development, making mainstream public opinion bigger and stronger, and providing powerful spiritual strength and public opinion support for realizing new breakthroughs in Liaoning's revitalization and development during the 14th Five-Year Plan.


Zhang Guoqing first came to Liaoning Newspaper Media Group to learn about the newspaper history of Liaoning Daily, listen to the composition of various sub-newspapers and new media platforms, and the news reporting work of Liaoning Daily. Recently, a number of major theme planning and publicity organized by Liaoning Daily have aroused good repercussions in the society. Zhang Guoqing sat around with editors and editors of theme planning reports such as "Sailing a New Journey and Opening a New Page" and "Love Letter of the Earth" to have in-depth exchanges. Everyone talked freely about their work experience based on their news gathering and editing experience, and the atmosphere was warm. Zhang Guoqing affirmed the key reports of Liaoning Daily and hoped that everyone would carry forward the fine tradition and launch more excellent works.


In Liaoning Radio and Television Group, Zhang Guoqing investigated the situation of Beidou financial media, provincial technology platform of county financial center, financial media construction and optimization and upgrading of editing and broadcasting network system. Later, Zhang Guoqing came to the "Liaoning News" studio and the "Central Kitchen" to listen to the news propaganda and innovation work, and sat around with the "Liaoning News" anchors, reporters and other editors and broadcasters to have in-depth exchanges. Everyone speaks freely, and Zhang Guoqing interrupts and interacts from time to time. Zhang Guoqing affirmed Liaoshi brand programs and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to create more popular and entertaining programs.


During the investigation, Zhang Guoqing emphasized that under the cordial care of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the strong support of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the province's economic operation has stabilized and improved since this year, and its development expectations have generally improved, with various undertakings showing a positive and upward trend. News organizations at all levels in the province and the majority of journalists and public opinion workers should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on news and public opinion work, keep in mind their duties and missions, adhere to unity, stability, encouragement and positive publicity, persist in spreading positive energy, tell Liaoning stories well, spread Liaoning voices well and show Liaoning's good image. It is necessary to fully reflect the practical actions and work measures taken by the whole province to implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, fully demonstrate the new achievements and changes made in Liaoning's revitalization and development of various undertakings, and the new atmosphere of cadres and officers at all levels starting businesses, so that more people can understand, like and yearn for Liaoning. News organizations at all levels should adhere to the introduction and education of equal emphasis on training reserve talents, improve the incentive mechanism, stimulate endogenous motivation, and further strengthen technical equipment support. The majority of journalists and public opinion workers should be firm and confident, keep their passion, actively participate in the fiery practice of revitalization and development, enhance their real experience, accumulate grounding gas, and fully reflect the vivid pictures and grand scenes of Liaoning's revitalization and development with responsibility and feelings.


Liu Huiyan and Wang Jian, members of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, participated in the investigation.