Dalian First Batch of Proliferation and Release Started
2021-05-21 15:18

On May 17 and 18, Wafangdian City and Lushunkou District successively started this year's proliferation and release of seedlings into the sea, releasing about 360 million Penaeus chinensis seedlings in two days, which kicked off this year's proliferation and release work in Dalian. This year, about 3 billion fish, shrimp and crab seedlings were proliferated and released in Dalian, and the number of proliferated and released seedlings continued to be in the forefront of coastal cities in China.


On the 18th, when I came to Dadianzi Fishing Port, Shuangdaowan Street, Lvshunkou District, I saw that the release staff used thick and long hoses to transport barrels of shrimp seedlings to the sea. On that day, 260 million Penaeus chinensis seedlings were released here. From the morning, the third-party inspection agency conducts random inspection on the shrimp seedlings in the shrimp breeding base, supervises the whole process, checks the number of seedlings out of the warehouse, and then loads the shrimp seedlings to the seaside for release at the breeding base. The standardized proliferation and release work lasts from morning till night.


It is understood that this batch of Chinese prawn seedlings was bred by Dalian Deyang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., and the relevant technical team of Dalian Ocean University acted as a third-party supervision organization to inspect and supervise the quality and quantity of prawn seedlings before release. In the nursery room of the company, about 800 million shrimp seedlings have been bred in more than 50 nursery ponds. According to the technical personnel of the company, at the end of March, the company introduced shrimp species. After the shrimp species mated and laid eggs, the shrimp eggs grew into shrimps with a body length of about 1 cm after about 40 days in the nursery room, and then they could be released to the sea after passing the inspection by a third party. In the nursery room, the staff of relevant technical teams of Dalian Ocean University inspected and supervised the released seedlings from both quantity and quality. Leo Chou, a professor at Dalian Ocean University's School of Fisheries, said that in recent years, the city's proliferation and release work has been continuously developed and improved in terms of management system, release technology and acceptance methods. According to the sampling test results on the same day, the shrimp seedlings are of sufficient specifications, large in body length, good in release effect and high in survival rate.


According to the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, from late May to the end of August this year, the cities and counties involved in the sea areas of our city plan to proliferate and release 3,084.4 million Penaeus chinensis, Portunus trituberculatus, Paralichthys olivaceus and Xu Shi flat fish. According to statistics from previous years, the overall input-output ratio of proliferation and release in our city is about 1:10, and the social, ecological and economic benefits of proliferation and release are showing year by year.