Li Keqiang: Notarized Certification Materials Shouldn’t be Provided Repeatedly by the Parties
2021-05-21 15:17

"At present, enterprises and the masses still encounter problems such as too many certificates, difficulty in handling certificates, slow handling certificates and high fees. Even some notarization certificates are not only cumbersome, but also sound" exotic. " Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on May 19, "We must intensify efforts to solve the problems of many, difficult, slow and complicated notarization certificates, and resolutely stop unreasonable charges in notarization services."


On the same day, the meeting decided on measures to optimize notarization services. Li Keqiang pointed out that optimizing notarization service is an important measure to deepen the reform of "distribution service" and create a market-oriented and legalized international business environment, which is conducive to stimulating the vitality of market players and better facilitating enterprises and benefiting the people.


The Prime Minister requested that notarization certification materials should be further streamlined, and a list system of certification materials and a one-time notification system should be generally implemented before the end of the year.


At the meeting, he explicitly requested that all certification materials that can pass the personal valid license certificate or inter-departmental information sharing verification should not be provided repeatedly by the parties. Explore and implement the notification commitment system for notarization certification matters that are closely related to the production and life of enterprises and the masses and are frequently used.


On the same day, the meeting decided to improve the notarization convenience service. Promote more notarization matters to be handled by the whole province. High-frequency notarization services such as academic degree certificates and driver's licenses shall be handled online in the whole process, and "one network management" shall be implemented. Open a notarization "green channel" for small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement "one-to-one" services for expanding financing and capital turnover.


Li Keqiang stressed the need to strengthen supervision. Remediation of notarization illegal fees and "difficult access, difficult things, poor attitude" and other issues, investigate and deal with notarization fraud according to law, punish illegal practice.