Li Keqiang telephoned Italian Prime Minister Draghi
2021-05-18 11:34

On the afternoon of May 17, Premier Li Keqiang had a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Draghi in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai.

Li Keqiang said that China and Italy are comprehensive strategic partners, and bilateral relations have profound historical accumulation and strong ties of interests. Since last year, the two sides have joined hands to carry out international cooperation in fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and key cooperation projects have made positive progress. China is willing to agree to promote cooperation in trade and investment, energy and climate change. Do a good job in next year's China-Italy Cultural Tourism Year and expand people-to-people exchanges. Strengthen cooperation under the framework of G20. It is believed that the deepening of Sino-Italian relations and cooperation will help enhance the well-being of the two peoples.


Li Keqiang pointed out that China attaches great importance to its relations with the EU. A united and prosperous EU is an important force for safeguarding world peace, supporting multilateralism and promoting free trade. It is hoped that both sides will grasp the general direction, persist in promoting pragmatic cooperation with an open attitude, and resolve differences through dialogue and consultation on the basis of mutual respect. China-EU cooperation will help the recovery of the world economy, and both sides should make joint efforts to promote the early signing and entry into force of the China-EU Investment Agreement. It is expected that Italy, as an important member of the European Union, will continue to play an active role in promoting the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations.


Draghi said that Italy attaches great importance to the comprehensive strategic partnership between Italy and China, and is willing to work with China to continue to promote important cooperation projects between the two sides, deepen cooperation in energy, aviation, economy, trade and investment between the two countries, and take next year's Italian-Chinese Cultural Tourism Year as an opportunity to promote people-to-people exchanges between the two sides. I would like to thank China for its support to Italy's presidency of the G20, and am willing to strengthen communication and coordination with China in multilateral affairs, jointly promote international anti-epidemic cooperation, promote global economic recovery, and work together to meet challenges such as climate change. The EU-China Investment Agreement is an important consensus reached by both sides, and Italy supports promoting the follow-up process through dialogue at an early date.


He Lifeng and others participated in the above activities.