The First Prescription Drug Digital RMB Online Payment Successfully Landed
2021-05-17 09:34

On May 14th, the launching ceremony of the promotion and application of digital RMB payment for smart medicine was held in our city. The project was jointly launched by Dalian Branch of China Construction Bank, Dalian Market Supervision Administration, Dalian Central Sub-branch of People's Bank of China and Dalian Branch of Haiwang Xingchen.


As the second batch of pilot cities of digital RMB in China, organize pilot banks to combine the regional characteristics of this city and the needs of market players, according to the working idea of "mature scenes are widely covered, and characteristic scenes take the lead in landing", a number of well-known cases have been formed in the whole country. The successful landing of digital RMB in Dalian's "Three Medical Linkage" medical platform is also a practice of deeply integrating digital RMB into people's livelihood.


At present, Dr. Bethune App, an online channel of the "Three Medical Linkage" platform, which is the leading one in China and the exclusive pilot in Liaoning Province, has been promoted. The App can support people's livelihood and financial functions such as doctors' online diagnosis and treatment, online prescription, patients' online rapid prescription, purchase of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, logistics and distribution of drugs home and digital RMB payment, and jointly provide smart medical services for Dalian people through "medical treatment + medicine + medical insurance" + finance.


Digital RMB realizes fund collection and payment on Dr. Bethune's App, which marks the official launch of prescription drug payment and settlement function of Dalian's "three-medicine linkage" smart medicine platform, and also marks the further integration of "government supervision and financial services" of Dalian's medical information sharing platform.