Dalian Has Become One of Cities with Fastest Improvement in Business Convenience in 2020
2021-05-15 09:47

On May 13, the National Development and Reform Commission held a national experience exchange meeting on optimizing the business environment in Suzhou. The meeting made a comprehensive summary of the national work of optimizing the business environment in 2020, with 27 provinces (autonomous regions) and more than 80 participating cities (including municipalities directly under the Central Government) participating in the meeting. At the meeting, 18 cities with the fastest index improvement made experience exchange reports, and Dalian made a typical speech on the improvement of "bidding" index.


In recent years, Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance to the construction of business environment, resolutely implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his inspection tour in Liaoning and at the Symposium on Deepening the Revitalization of Northeast China, and comprehensively deepened the reform on the basis of optimizing the business environment. In the evaluation of China's business environment in 2020, Dalian has entered the "first echelon" with six indicators, such as cross-border trade, protection of small and medium-sized investors, contract execution, government procurement, bidding and inclusive innovation, and has become a national benchmark.


Adhering to the goal orientation and taking the satisfaction of the enterprise masses as the fundamental goal, Dalian has comprehensively deepened the reform in various fields, deepened the reform of "one network management", deepened the reform of "distribution service", deepened the reform of commercial system, and made the reform of "one thing at a time" based on "three unifications" more convenient, and significantly enhanced the sense of gain and satisfaction of the enterprise masses.


Adhere to the problem orientation, Dalian has thoroughly implemented the Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment and the Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment in Liaoning Province. Guided by the evaluation of China's business environment carried out by the National Development and Reform Commission, Dalian has comprehensively optimized the process, shortened the time limit and reduced the cost, and issued 255 reform and innovation documents, which effectively promoted the obvious optimization of the business environment in the whole city. In 2020, Dalian will become one of the cities with the fastest improvement in business convenience.


Adhere to the result orientation, continuously optimize the business environment, The "Two-year Action Plan for Deepening the Reform of" Distribution Suits "and Optimizing the Business Environment in Dalian (2020-2021)" was issued, and the special actions of "doing things without looking for people" and "approving without meeting" were carried out to focus on the outstanding problems of public resource transactions. Remediation, make every effort to create a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international business environment with "convenient work, good rule of law, strong cost competitiveness and ecological livability".