Li Keqiang: Strengthen Financial Support for Enterprises Continuously Affected by the Epidemic
2021-05-14 09:46

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting on May 12 to deploy and strengthen financial support for enterprises in industries continuously affected by the epidemic.


Li Keqiang said that under the current circumstances, monetary policy should continue to focus on market players in a targeted manner.


On the same day, the meeting confirmed that, first, civil aviation enterprises and financial institutions should be guided to make good use of the emergency loan policy. Strengthen targeted financial services for cultural tourism enterprises and offline retail, accommodation, transportation and other industries greatly affected by the epidemic. Continue to do a good job in financing support for the upgrading and development of manufacturing industry.


The second is to further strengthen small and micro financial services. Pilot establishment of individual industrial and commercial households credit loan evaluation system, improve financing convenience. Support the issuance of special financial bonds for small and micro enterprises of not less than 300 billion yuan. Ensure that the growth rate of inclusive small and micro loans in the banking industry is achieved, and the number of households is "increased twice", and ensure that inclusive small and micro loans of five large state-owned commercial banks are increased by more than 30%.


Li Keqiang particularly emphasized that individual industrial and commercial households should be included in the scope of financial support. He said: "The contribution of individual industrial and commercial households to employment is obvious to all."


According to the data from the General Administration of Market Supervision, the number of individual industrial and commercial households in China reached more than 55 million at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and now it has exceeded 90 million, driving more than 200 million people to find jobs.


The Prime Minister requested that a credit loan evaluation system for individual industrial and commercial households be established on a pilot basis to improve financing convenience.


Li Keqiang pointed out that there are problems such as imbalance in current regional development. There are many market players and loans in the eastern region, while there are relatively few market players and loans in the central and western regions.


"It is necessary to guide financial institutions to provide targeted regional financing support around market players, and promote relevant places to improve the business environment and financial ecology. Effectively prevent and resolve financial risks." The Prime Minister said.


Li Keqiang demanded that the domestic and international situation and market changes should be closely followed and analyzed, market regulation should be done well, and the excessive rise in commodity prices and its associated effects should be dealt with. Strengthen the coordination between monetary policy and other policies to keep the economy running smoothly.