Li Keqiang Presided over State Council Executive Meeting: Support Flexible Employment Measures, Financial Support for Enterprises Affected by COVID-19
2021-05-13 10:27

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting on May 12, and decided to extend the period of some policies to reduce burdens, stabilize posts and expand employment until the end of this year, and determine measures to further support flexible employment; Deploy and strengthen financial support for enterprises in industries that continue to be affected by the epidemic; Through the "Regulations on Seismic Management of Construction Projects (Draft)".


The meeting pointed out that last year, according to the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, a series of extraordinary and phased measures to reduce burdens, stabilize posts and expand employment were launched, and remarkable results were achieved in ensuring employment. This year, the employment pressure is still relatively high, so we should continue to give priority to employment and maintain policy support for market players, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to stabilize their posts and the employment of key groups. The meeting decided, first, to continue to implement the policy of stable post return of unemployment insurance. In the overall planning areas where the reserve period of unemployment insurance fund balance in the previous year was more than one year, this year, eligible large enterprises can be refunded by no more than 30% of the unemployment insurance premiums paid in the previous year, and small and medium-sized enterprises can be refunded by no more than 60%. Second, the policies implemented last year, such as vocational training, skills upgrading, probation subsidies for college graduates, unemployment subsidies and temporary living allowances, and support for grassroots employment of college graduates, will continue to the end of this year. For enterprises to absorb the employment of key groups, tax relief and social insurance subsidies shall be given according to regulations. Third, promote market-oriented employment, increase policy support for "double innovation", promote the implementation of business guarantee loans and interest subsidies, and promote college graduates' self-reliance, employment and entrepreneurship.


Flexible employment is an important channel for people to increase their employment and income. At present, there are 200 million flexible employees in China. The meeting identified measures to further support flexible employment. One is to study and formulate measures for flexible employees to participate in the basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents. Promote the liberalization of household registration restrictions for flexible employees to participate in social security in their places of employment. Second, carry out the pilot project of occupational injury protection for flexible employees on the platform, reasonably define the responsibilities of platform enterprises, and explore the mechanism for employers to purchase commercial insurance, insurance companies to make appropriate profits, and the government to increase support. Third, pay close attention to cleaning up and canceling the provisions of fees and fines that do not conform to the superior law or are unreasonable, so as to create a good environment for flexible employment.


In order to increase financial support for enterprises in industries continuously affected by the epidemic, the meeting determined that, first, civil aviation enterprises and financial institutions should be guided to make good use of emergency loan policies. Strengthen targeted financial services for cultural tourism enterprises and offline retail, accommodation, transportation and other industries greatly affected by the epidemic. Continue to do a good job in financing support for the upgrading and development of manufacturing industry. The second is to further strengthen small and micro financial services. Pilot establishment of individual industrial and commercial households credit loan evaluation system, improve financing convenience. Support the issuance of special financial bonds for small and micro enterprises of not less than 300 billion yuan. Ensure that the growth rate of inclusive small and micro loans in the banking industry is achieved, and the number of households is "increased twice", and ensure that inclusive small and micro loans of five large state-owned commercial banks are increased by more than 30%. Third, guide financial institutions to provide targeted regional financing support around market players, and promote relevant places to improve the business environment and financial ecology. Effectively prevent and resolve financial risks. The meeting called for tracking and analyzing the domestic and international situation and market changes, doing a good job in market regulation, and coping with the excessive rise in commodity prices and its associated effects. Strengthen the coordination between monetary policy and other policies to keep the economy running smoothly.


The meeting passed the Regulations on Seismic Management of Construction Projects (Draft), which clarified the requirements and measures for seismic fortification of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, standardized the seismic appraisal, reinforcement and maintenance of completed construction projects, and strengthened the seismic fortification of rural construction projects. Compaction responsibility, strengthen supervision, increase punishment, ensure the quality of the project, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.