The Number of Seedlings Released in Dalian Continues to Rank Among the Top Coastal Cities in China
2021-05-11 09:29

Dalian has been carrying out the proliferation and release of marine fisheries for more than ten consecutive years. May to July every year is the season for the proliferation and release of marine fisheries in our city. Proliferation and release is an important means to conserve fishery resources and restore ecological environment, an important way to promote fishery efficiency and fishermen's income, and an important measure to realize sustainable development of fishery economy. It was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that in 2021, the whole city plans to proliferate and release 3 billion Penaeus chinensis, 70 million Portunus trituberculatus, 12.4 million Paralichthys olivaceus and 2 million Sebastes schlegeli. The number of seedlings proliferated and released in Dalian continues to rank among the top coastal cities in China.


Penaeus chinensis, Portunus trituberculatus, Paralichthys olivaceus, Sebastes Xu Shi... These released species are all native species of origin in the two seas of Huang Bo in our city, namely "indigenous species". As a large-scale proliferation and release, these varieties have mature artificial breeding technology and can obtain a large number of healthy seedlings, so they are suitable for proliferation and release along the coast of Dalian.


In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the proliferation and release work, Dalian has set up a leading group for the proliferation and release work in Dalian, which is composed of relevant municipal and county competent departments. Each region has formulated detailed project implementation plans and acceptance plans, and further clarified powers and responsibilities and strengthened supervision through acceptance by third-party acceptance agencies. Unified implementation of government procurement, bidding to determine seed suppliers, the establishment of complete files for future reference. Strengthen the supervision, inspection and quarantine and acceptance of seedling production, All regions will carry out project work in strict accordance with the Regulations on the Management of Aquatic Organism Proliferation and Release and the Project Implementation Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, The acceptance personnel will supervise the parent introduction, seedling cultivation, inspection and quarantine, sea acceptance and other work of the winning enterprise according to the "Dalian Fishery Resources Proliferation and Release Acceptance Operating Rules", record the process and form a report. In order to ensure the effect after release and avoid damage to the released larvae, the management and protection of the released sea area will be strengthened, and the net will be removed from the released waters and the surrounding larvae habitat and growth waters according to the requirements of the fishing moratorium. From September to mid-November, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will organize the recapture investigation of proliferation and release, and scientifically evaluate the effect of proliferation and release.