Xi Jinping Spoke on the Phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
2021-04-08 16:15

Chinese President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on April 7.


Xi Jinping emphasized that our communication many times last year played an important leading role in the development of Sino-German and China-EU relations. Strengthening cooperation between China and Germany and China and Europe can accomplish meaningful events. It is hoped that Germany and Europe will make active efforts with China to maintain and promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-German and China-EU cooperation and add more certainty and stability to this ever-changing world.


Xi pointed out that the pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany overcame the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and other factors, and made steady progress. China has become Germany's largest trading partner in the world for five consecutive years, which reflects the resilience and potential of Sino-German cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will promote Sino-German cooperation in various fields in a coordinated manner in the spirit of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win, which will help add confidence and motivation to China-EU cooperation and revitalize the world economy. China is actively building a new development pattern, persisting in opening to the outside world and actively participating in international division of labor and cooperation while relying on its own strength for development. China is willing to share the opportunities brought by China's new round of open development with enterprises from all over the world, including German enterprises. It is hoped that Germany will remain open and create more convenience for enterprises of the two countries to expand mutually beneficial cooperation. The two sides should take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany next year and the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to promote exchanges in the fields of science and technology, education, culture and sports.


Xi Jinping emphasized that at present, China-EU relations are facing new opportunities for development and various challenges. The key is to firmly grasp the general direction and main tone of China-EU relations from a strategic perspective, respect each other and eliminate interference. China's development is an opportunity for the EU, and we hope that the EU will make a correct judgment independently and truly realize strategic autonomy. China is willing to work with the European side to negotiate a series of important political agendas in the next stage, deepen and expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields, strengthen communication on global governance issues such as climate change, and jointly practice multilateralism.


Xi Jinping pointed out that vaccines are used to prevent diseases and save people. China opposes politicizing vaccines or engaging in "vaccine nationalism", and is willing to work with the international community including Germany to promote fair and rational distribution of vaccines, support and help developing countries obtain vaccines, and make contributions to mankind's early victory over the epidemic.


Merkel said that the European side insists on autonomy in foreign relations. Today's world is facing many problems and challenges, which need cooperation between Germany, China, Europe and China. Strengthening dialogue and cooperation between Europe and China is not only in the interests of both sides, but also beneficial to the world. Germany is willing to play an active role in this regard. Germany attaches importance to China's "14th Five-Year Plan" and expects it to bring new important opportunities for cooperation between Germany, China and Europe. Germany is willing to work with China to prepare for a new round of German-Chinese government consultations, resume personnel exchanges as soon as possible, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of anti-epidemic, climate change and biodiversity, and hope to maintain communication with China on issues such as fair distribution of vaccines and mutual certification. Germany is willing to contribute to the success of Kunming Biodiversity Conference.