Orix Group Capital Increase Orix China US $46.37 million
2021-04-04 09:05

A few days ago, it was learned from the headquarters of Orix Group in China that Orix Group has completed a new round of capital increase of 46.37 million US dollars to Orix China, and Orix China's registered capital has increased to 295 million US dollars. This is an important measure for Orix Group to rely on Dalian to deepen the Chinese market, and will also boost the confidence of foreign-funded enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises, in their development in China.


According to reports, in 2009, Orix Group set up its China headquarters in Dalian, becoming the first multinational financial industry group to set up its China headquarters in our city. Orix takes Dalian as the core, faces the whole country, digs deep into the potential of link cooperation, continuously develops and innovates business investment models, and carries out a series of cooperation in financial and investment projects, which has played a benchmark role in promoting regional economic and social development, especially the development of Japanese capital in Dalian.


Located in Donggang Business District, the construction project of Orix China Headquarters Building will be built into a new commercial complex project integrating "International Financial Center, Sino-Japanese Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, Innovative Industrial Cluster Center" and "Citizens' Fine Living Gathering Area", radiating Northeast Asia and having a landmark city. At present, the project is progressing smoothly according to the planned construction period, and it is planned to be delivered before the end of May 2022.


Last year, Orix also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinpu New District to take advantage of the Group's commercial advantages to promote the development and construction of the New Japan Industrial Group. Through various means of investment and financing, it will provide about 150 million yuan of financial support for infrastructure investment in Jinpu New District, driving a total investment of about 2 billion yuan.