Huawei Joins Hands with Jinpu New District to Build "Northern Intelligent Port"
2021-04-04 09:04

It was learned from Jinpu New District Management Committee that on April 2, Dalian Jinpu New District Management Committee, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Tiangang Technology Group jointly signed a cooperation agreement on the "Northern Smart Port" project in Shenzhen. The project will rely on the infrastructure conditions of Tiangang Big Data Industrial Park located in Jinpu New District and the technological advantages of Huawei Cloud and Shengteng Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Power Platform, introduce Huawei's related brands, computing power, technology and industrial resources, and empower the development of industrial clusters such as intelligent manufacturing, smart ocean, shared travel and people's livelihood services in the new district.


Recently, a delegation from Jinpu New District went to Chongqing, Sichuan, Hainan, Guangdong and other places to carry out "going out" investment promotion activities. Shenzhen is the last stop of this "going out" investment promotion activity. In Shenzhen, the delegation of Jinpu New District visited enterprises and inspected projects non-stop, which promoted the unique advantages of the first national new district in Northeast China, such as location, industry, talents, policies, innovation and ecology, and finally transformed it into a powerful attraction for enterprises to settle down and develop with peace of mind. In Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., The delegation from Jinpu New District visited the Bantian Base of Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen, He met and exchanged views with Deng Taihua, vice president of Huawei and president of computing product line, studied the application and business of introducing Huawei in digital government construction, and signed a cooperation agreement on the "Northern Smart Port" project on the spot, which brought a successful end to the "going out" investment promotion in Jinpu New District.


According to the agreement, Huawei will cooperate with Jinpu New District to build an artificial intelligence computing center, empower intelligent manufacturing, and expand smart manufacturing, smart travel, smart ocean and other fields through AI + manufacturing integration to release production potential; Create an application innovation incubation platform, based on the multi-party combination of the innovation center, and with the computing power support of the artificial intelligence computing center to the artificial intelligence innovation center, propose incubation scenario solutions to help Jinpu artificial intelligence application incubation and enterprise development, and aggregate top partners to settle in Jinpu; Build a service platform for attracting investment, build an industrial ecology, build an artificial intelligence industrial cluster, and assist local technology enterprises to go global; Create an innovation platform for talent training and scientific research institutions, and build a talent training base from AI competitions, technology salons, training certification, and discipline construction; Build a public computing power platform, provide the only public computing power service with full stack self-control and end-to-end full stack in China, promote the digital upgrade of intelligent manufacturing, stimulate the commercial potential of AI, promote the focus of AI industry, cultivate AI industry talents, and finally drive the digital transformation of Jinpu traditional industry and the innovative development of digital economy.


The main leaders of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Jinpu New District said, As the first national new district in Northeast China, According to Huawei's development strategic layout and Huawei's technology application and promotion needs, Combined with the digital economy development plan and the development needs of the real economy in Jinpu New District, we will integrate the high-quality resources of Tiangang Technology Group and Detai Holdings, jointly plan cooperation areas, enrich cooperation connotation, promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the real manufacturing industry in the new district, and create a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence industries.


Deng Taihua said, the "14th Five-Year Plan" regards artificial intelligence as a strength to strengthen national strategic science and technology, Jinpu New District has a good industrial base, industrial soil, information base, innovation demands, and unique advantages in R&D institutions and human resources. Huawei will actively respond to the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Jinpu New District, starting with transforming and upgrading the "old brand", deeply developing the "original brand name" and cultivating and expanding the "new brand name", and making every effort to empower the development and innovation of Jinpu New District.