All Walks of Life in Dalian Held Sweeping Activities to Remember the Revolutionary Heroes
2021-04-04 09:03

It's another year of Qingming. To better inherit the red gene, solidly promote the study and education of party history. In recent days, all walks of life in Dalian have held different forms of sweeping activities to cherish the memory of heroes and heroes, remember history, guide the broad masses of party members, cadres and the masses to thoroughly study, publicize and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on advocating heroes and remembering heroes and heroes, and encourage everyone to uphold the legacy of martyrs and create a better future.


The Municipal Taxation Bureau, the Municipal Banking Regulatory Bureau, the Municipal Hydrographic Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Department, the Dalian Navigation Mark Department, the Zhongshan District Court, the Zhongshan District Procuratorate, Chunliu Street and other units have organized Party members to come to the Municipal Martyrs Cemetery to lay wreaths and observe a moment of silence to pay tribute to the martyrs and express their deep memory of the heroes and heroes. Everyone said that they would keep in mind their initial mission, forge ahead, learn the history of the Party, understand thoughts, do practical things, open a new bureau, be the successor of the revolutionary road and the practitioner of reform and innovation, and make new contributions to Dalian's comprehensive and all-round revitalization with a more high-spirited attitude and full enthusiasm.