Dalian has Investigated 143 Cases of Fishing Boat Violations in the Past Month
2021-04-25 15:42

Dalian has cracked down on illegal activities of fishing boats with an iron fist, and strengthened the control of fishing boats involved in the sea. The main leaders and leaders in charge of the municipal party committee and the municipal government have personally deployed fishing boat control and other related work for many times. The agricultural, rural and fishery law enforcement departments at the city and county levels have continuously carried out joint law enforcement, land and sea synchronous law enforcement, surprise law enforcement inspection and other law enforcement actions. According to the requirements of "the strictest fourteen articles" on fishing boat control, Dalian severely investigated and dealt with illegal acts of fishing boats. Especially since March 23, 143 cases of fishing boats violating laws and regulations have been investigated and dealt with at the city and county levels. Except for some cases under investigation, administrative fines of about 2.3 million yuan have been imposed. In order to strictly enforce the law, front-line law enforcement officers even risked their lives to chase malicious escape fishing boats at sea, and "forcibly" jumped from the law enforcement speedboat sailing at sea to the escape fishing boat in the same sailing state, and resolutely did not let go of an illegal fishing boat.


Recently, the Municipal Marine and Fishery Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team has drawn capable forces from its six law enforcement departments to set up a surprise law enforcement inspection team, focusing on centralized law enforcement of coastal fishing ports in the downtown area of our city. The law enforcement inspection team suddenly came to various fishing ports, and "filed a case on the spot" and "punished the top case" for the problems found, which did not give illegal fishing boats the opportunity to escape the attack, thus forming a powerful shock. From 20 to 22 April, The surprise law enforcement inspection team continuously carried out surprise law enforcement inspections in Longwangtang Fishing Port and surrounding sea areas in High-tech Zone, Land and sea linkage, Seal control at sea, Strict investigation of ports, Unannounced visits, Dig deep into clues, focus on law enforcement inspection of illegal activities such as "three noes" fishing boats, deck fishing boats and seaworthiness of fishing boats, check ship certificates, crew certificates, ship safety facilities, Beidou communication and navigation facilities, signal types, ship name brushing, implementation of safety liability insurance, etc., and severely crack down on fishing-related "three noes" ships and all kinds of fishing-related illegal activities. The surprise law enforcement inspection team boarded the ship for inspection in 3 days, inspected more than 100 fishing boats, and investigated and dealt with 12 illegal fishing boats, including a fishing boat suspected of "deck" and escaped viciously, and was finally taken back to Cotton Island Law Enforcement Wharf for investigation. In order to intercept this large fishing boat of more than 30 meters at sea, law enforcement officers dispatched law enforcement speedboats and fishery law enforcement boats to chase and intercept at sea for up to one hour, and used "water cannons" to interfere with the ship. The law enforcement boat took the risk of "forcibly helping", and the law enforcement team climbed the fishing boat from the law enforcement boat, and finally forced the fishing boat to stop escaping. At present, the fishing boat has been detained at Mianhuadao Law Enforcement Terminal for many illegal problems, such as "deck", "three noes", illegal trading, failure to install Beidou communication and navigation equipment according to regulations, and inconsistent crew certificates.


In February this year, The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with seven departments, jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Control of Marine Fishery Vessels and Severely Cracking Down on Sea-related Illegal Acts (known as "Fourteen Strictest Control of Fishing Vessels in Dalian"), It shows the determination of the municipal party Committee and the municipal government to strengthen the control of fishing boats, crack down on illegal acts involving the sea, and maintain the smooth and orderly production of marine fisheries. it has integrated the law enforcement forces of fishery administrative law enforcement, marine police, public security, transportation, market supervision and other parties.


In recent days, the Municipal Marine and Fishery Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team has further strengthened the "convergence of execution" and strengthened joint law enforcement in accordance with the relevant requirements of Article 14. The relevant person in charge of Dalian Marine Police said that at present, Dalian Marine Police and the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department of ocean and fishery have formed a good linkage mechanism, and jointly investigated more than ten cases by law enforcement. In the next step, the two sides will jointly conduct seamless patrol control on the maritime jurisdiction.


The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Marine and Fishery Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team said that the next step is to pay close attention to the key stage of the summer fishing moratorium, continue to strictly enforce the law at sea and ports, increase the frequency and intensity of law enforcement inspections, face up to the illegal problems of fishing boats, and immediately investigate and deal with the illegal problems found. At the same time, unannounced inspection teams were sent to fishing ports and natural harbors around the country to immediately report the problems found and demand immediate rectification.