Dalian has Stepped up Efforts to Accurately Solve the Problem of Soil Pollution
2021-04-22 07:53

April 22 this year is the 52nd World Earth Day with the theme of "Restoring Our Earth". Yesterday, I learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that this year, Dalian will invest 4.41 million yuan to accurately solve the problem of soil pollution.


Classified management of cultivated land is an important task in defending pure land. Our city resolutely implements the decision-making arrangements for the prevention and control of soil pollution, takes improving the quality of cultivated land soil environment as the core, and takes ensuring the quality of agricultural products and the safety of rural human settlements as the starting point, and fully promotes the classified management of cultivated land in our city. In 2020, the city implemented and implemented 201 plots for the safe use of contaminated cultivated land. By adopting 27 safe use measures such as agronomic measures, optimized fertilization, deep ploughing, and variety technology adjustment, the total safe use area of contaminated cultivated land was 11,863.96 mu; Eight plots with strict control over contaminated cultivated land were implemented and implemented. By adopting three measures, such as adjustment of planting structure, coordinated monitoring of soil and agricultural products and delineation of prohibited production areas for specific agricultural products, 400.35 mu of strict control measures for contaminated cultivated land were completed, and full coverage of technical measures was achieved.


According to the requirements of the Implementation Plan of Cultivated Land Classification Management in Dalian in 2021, This year, Dalian plans to establish a centralized promotion area for the safe use of contaminated cultivated land and a restoration area for moderately and lightly contaminated cultivated land. Carry out the integrated application and effect verification of different safe utilization measures and related technologies, accurately solve the problem of soil pollution, explore and summarize the scalable and replicable safe utilization technology model, and further consolidate the safe utilization effect of contaminated cultivated land in our city; Carry out the adjustment of planting structure of heavily polluted cultivated land, explore the implementation mode and subsidy mechanism suitable for local planting structure adjustment, and ensure the quality and safety of edible agricultural products; At the same time, carry out coordinated early warning and monitoring of heavy metals in cultivated land soil and agricultural products in agricultural production areas, and lay a foundation for the next dynamic adjustment of category classification. In order to ensure the effective promotion of the classified management of cultivated land, our city has set up a special class for the safe utilization of contaminated cultivated land in Dalian, which dispatches and decomposes the tasks for the safe utilization of contaminated cultivated land in Dalian and forms the Task List of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control in 2020 and distributes it to all districts, cities and counties.