Dalian Launched a Special Campaign to Crack down on Fraud and Defraud Social Insurance Funds
2021-04-22 07:52

It was learned from the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau that to improve the supervision system of social insurance funds according to law and effectively ensure the safe operation of social insurance funds, the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau will launch a special campaign to crack down on fraud and defrauding social insurance funds in the future, and resolutely crack down on illegal activities such as pension, unemployment and work injury.


The Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, in conjunction with 12 relevant departments, including the Municipal Court, the Municipal Procuratorate and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, strengthened coordination, improved the long-term mechanism of risk prevention and control of social insurance funds according to law, and jointly cracked down on and prevented fraud in the field of social insurance. Focus on the inspection of old-age insurance early retirement to enjoy benefits, pay back social insurance premiums, enjoy job stabilization subsidies, receive unemployment benefits, medical services for injured workers, etc., grasp the doubtful information, lock the inspection object. Focus on the verification of early retirees, enterprises receiving stable post return funds, personnel receiving unemployment insurance benefits, medical expenses of injured workers and expenses for assistive devices in 2020.


This special action will enter the stage of legal treatment on May 16th. To recover the social insurance fund that has been defrauded and occupied as the core of the work, the verified cases of violation of laws and regulations shall be dealt with severely according to laws and regulations, and those suspected of fraud and crimes shall be transferred to the public security organs for investigation. Units and individuals who violate laws and regulations are ordered to return the encroached social insurance funds, and those who refuse to return them bring a lawsuit to the court and apply to the court for compulsory execution when necessary. In violation of the social insurance service agreement, it shall be handled in strict accordance with the illegal provisions of the agreement, and the main person in charge of medical institutions or third-party institutions and the illegal insured persons shall be interviewed and admonished; Administrative penalties shall be imposed on illegal institutions according to law, and service agreements shall be terminated. Cases of violations of laws and regulations will be exposed in due course and included in the "blacklist" of social insurance integrity according to regulations.