Dalian will Launch a Special Campaign to Rectify Dust and Catering Fume Pollution
2021-04-21 07:48

During the period of the central ecological environmental protection inspector, Dust and lampblack pollution are the hot spots of people's letters and visits, Dalian will change as soon as it is known, At the same time of the establishment and reform, the "Notice on Launching Special Actions for Dust and Catering Fume Pollution Remediation" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") was issued in a timely manner, and efforts were made to promote the solution of similar problems in the whole city, effectively solve the environmental problems around the masses, effectively improve the quality of living environment, and continuously improve the people's sense of acquisition and happiness.


According to the Notice, from now until May 31, a 40-day special rectification campaign will be carried out in the whole city, and all kinds of dust and cooking fume pollution problems will be continuously and dynamically sorted out and rectified, and the governance responsibilities will be clarified, the control measures will be improved, and the refined management will be implemented.


This special action focuses on various construction sites such as housing construction, demolition, roads, highways, rail transit, gas pipelines, etc., bulk fluid material transport vehicles, industrial enterprise material yards, concrete mixing plants, open-pit mines, stone processing points, etc. Dust pollution sources; The catering industry that produces lampblack includes hotels, hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions, school canteens and individual businesses.


Special actions are carried out by combining special supervision by industry departments with joint supervision by multiple departments. Special supervision by the municipal departments in charge of various industries organized districts, cities and counties to sort out, investigate the pollution sources of dust and cooking fume in the industry, and establish a control list. Mainly by increasing the frequency and operation scope of wet sweeping, watering and flushing of roads and streets, dust pollution emissions are effectively reduced; Urge catering enterprises to install, replace or clean fume purification equipment in time, and make every effort to reduce dust and fume pollution emissions. Joint supervision the municipal ecological environment, housing construction, urban management, natural resources and transportation departments take the lead in setting up a special action joint supervision team to supervise the pollution remediation effectiveness of all districts, cities, counties, departments and units by means of "random supervision + follow-up supervision". Random supervision takes the form of open investigation and unannounced visits to master the rectification progress of relevant departments and units in various districts, cities, counties and municipalities directly under the municipal government; Follow up and supervise the key, difficult and strong problems reflected by the masses, as well as the repeated problems, incomplete rectification or buck passing.


In the special action, if the implementation of the control measures is not in place and there are minor pollution problems, a notice of rectification within a time limit will be issued to urge rectification within a time limit to be in place; For poor management and more pollution problems, administrative punishment shall be given and ordered to stop work and suspend business for rectification; Strictly implement the "blacklist" system for top-notch punishment and credit punishment for serious problems, repeated changes and repeated offenders, and cause serious adverse effects.