Dalian Carried out the Theme Activity of "Our Festival Qingming"-"Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs and Advocating Civilized Sacrifice"
2021-04-02 12:38

Yesterday morning, the activity of "Celebrating Martyrs' Red Songs and Casting Party Soul" was held in Guan Xiangying Memorial Hall. Some government officials, soldiers stationed in the company, primary and secondary school students in our city visited the Guan Xiangying Memorial Hall, presented flowers to the cenotaph in Guan Xiangying, recited memorial poems, and performed a chorus performance of red songs to sing songs for heroic martyrs.


During the Qingming Festival, the earth is spring and Jingming, and everything spits out the old and accepts the new. There are traditional customs such as hiking and worshipping ancestors. To guide citizens to correctly understand and understand the traditional culture and revolutionary tradition of the Chinese nation, Focusing on recalling the heroes who shed their heads and blood for the founding, construction and reform of the People's Republic of China, Sponsored by the Municipal Civilization Office, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center, the Xigang District Civilization Office and the Jinpu New District Civilization Office jointly undertaken the theme activity of "Our Festival Qingming"-"Remembering Revolutionary Martyrs and Advocating Civilized Sacrifice". The activity advocated the fashion of civilized sacrifice, distributed the Proposal of Civilized Sacrifice in Dalian to the general public, set up a column of "Guarding 2021 Qingming Sacrifice to Heroes and Heroes", and made a relay H5 program of 2021 online WeChat circle of friends to sacrifice heroes and heroes. Visitors can send flowers to heroes and martyrs through the Internet, express their speeches and messages, and deeply cherish the memory of heroes and heroes.


On the morning of March 27th, Liaoning Good Man, Liaoning May Day Labor Medal Winner, Dalian Moral Model, Dalian "Jun" Youth Representative, and some party members, community residents, volunteers, minors, etc. came to Dalian Heroes Memorial Park. Everyone stood in front of the Sculpture Square to observe a moment of silence for the lost heroes, bowed three times, presented flowers, and sang "Heroes' Praise" to express their memory and admiration for the revolutionary heroes and heroes.