Qiushi Magazine Published an Important Article by Xi Jinping's Speech at the Mobilization Meeting of Party History Study and Education
2021-04-01 12:37

The 7th issue of Qiushi Magazine, published on April 1st, will publish Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, an important article "Speech at the Mobilization Conference of Party History Learning and Education".


The article emphasizes that carrying out the study and education of party history in the whole party is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee based on the new starting point of the party's 100-year history, coordinating the overall situation of the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the unprecedented changes in the world in the past 100 years, and mobilizing the whole party and the whole country to devote themselves to building a socialist modern country in an all-round way with full confidence. Comrades of the whole Party should learn history to understand, increase trust, respect morality, practice, learn party history, realize thoughts, do practical things and open a new bureau, strive to start a new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way with a high-spirited attitude, and greet the centenary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements!


The article points out that it is of great significance to carry out the study and education of party history. Our party has always attached importance to the study and education of party history. At the important moment of celebrating the centennial of our party, at the key node of the historical intersection of the "two centennial" goals, it is timely and necessary to focus on the study and education of party history in the whole party. Carrying out the study and education of party history in the whole party is an inevitable requirement for keeping in mind the initial mission, promoting the great historical cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, strengthening faith, upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, promoting the party's self-revolution and keeping the party's vitality forever.


The article points out that the key points should be highlighted in carrying out the study and education of party history. First, further understand the great power of thought and enhance the political consciousness of arming the whole party with the innovative theory of the party. Second, we should further grasp the laws and general trends of historical development and always grasp the historical initiative of the development of the Party and the state. Third, we should further deepen our understanding of the nature and purpose of the Party and always maintain the distinctive nature of Marxist political parties. Fourth, further sum up the Party's historical experience and continuously improve its ability to cope with risks and challenges. Fifth, further carry forward the revolutionary spirit and always maintain the high-spirited spirit of hard work. Sixth, further strengthen the unity and centralization of the Party and ensure that the whole Party moves forward in unison.


The article points out that to carry out the study and education of party history in the whole party, we should strive for practical results. The whole party should attach great importance to it, improve its ideological position, base itself on reality, be upright and innovative, and complete all tasks of study and education with high standards and high quality. First, we should strengthen organizational leadership. The second is to establish a correct view of Party history. The third is to do practical things for the masses and solve difficult problems. Fourth, we should pay attention to the innovation of ways and means. It is necessary to carry out extensive publicity and education on Party history, the history of New China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development in the whole society, popularize the knowledge of Party history, and promote the study and education of Party history to go deep into the masses, grassroots and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.