General Secretary Xi Jinping and General Secretary Kim Jong-un of the Workers' Party of Korea Exchanged Messages
2021-03-23 16:12

Appointed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee, Song Tao, head of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, should meet with DPRK Ambassador to China Li Longnan in Beijing on March 22nd.


Li Longnan conveyed a message from Kim Jong-un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, to General Secretary Xi Jinping, A comprehensive briefing on the Eighth National Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea spoke highly of the successful fight against the global public health crisis by the Chinese Party and people under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and made remarkable achievements in the struggle to build a well-off society in an all-round way and completely eliminate poverty.


Kim Jong-un said that it is the unswerving position of me and the Korean party and people to strengthen and develop DPRK-China relations into the envy of the world and push forward the socialist cause with friendship and unity. The DPRK firmly believes that the friendly relations between the DPRK and China will be sublimated and developed in accordance with the requirements of the times and the aspirations, wishes and fundamental interests of the two peoples.


Song Tao conveyed a message from General Secretary Xi Jinping to General Secretary Kim Jong-un. Xi Jinping once again congratulated the Eighth National Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea and said that the traditional friendship between China and the DPRK is a valuable asset shared by the two parties, two countries and two peoples. Under the new situation, we are willing to work hand in hand with Korean comrades to safeguard, consolidate and develop China-DPRK relations, promote new achievements in the socialist cause of the two countries, and better benefit the two peoples.


Xi Jinping emphasized that at present, the changes in the past century and the epidemic situation in the past century have superimposed, and the international and regional situations have undergone profound changes. China is willing to work with the DPRK and relevant parties to adhere to the direction of political settlement of the Peninsula issue, maintain peace and stability on the Peninsula, and make new positive contributions to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity.